How to Deal With His Office Wife

Be Smart About It

You send him off to work with a kiss and a “Love you” and a “Drive safe,” and right into the arms of another woman. But, she isn’t some secret mistress he met on a business trip or at Happy Hour. She’s his office wife, and between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., she is his buddy, confidant and lunch date. Of all the people in his office, he connects with her the most. You’re all for him having work friends—they make the day go by quicker and make his job more tolerable. You just wish his closest work friend was a 400-pound, elderly man with a persistent cough and sleep apnea and not someone with shaved legs who looks good in a skirt.

Admit it. You’re jealous. Even if your man doesn’t have a wandering eye and is completely immune to every come on the fairer sex has to offer, you probably think his office wife is trying to seduce him. Well maybe she is and maybe she isn’t. Maybe their conversations are innocuous or maybe they border on flirtatious. If you trust your man, you have nothing to worry about. But if you’re worried his office wife is crossing a line, there are a few things you can do to let her know who his number-one girl is:

Bring Him Lunch

Plan a romantic picnic lunch for your man. Let him know about it in advance so he can clear his calendar. Make or buy a special lunch for him with all his favorite foods and include dessert. Use nice plates, cups, napkins and silverware and lay it all out on a blanket under a tree. Dress up a little—do your hair and makeup and be sure to smell good. Can you imagine the look on his office wife’s face when he tells her he can’t have lunch with her because his lady has planned a special lunch for him? You can do these lunches once a month or as needed.

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Mark His Territory

Even if you man isn’t really into personalizing his work space,  he won’t turn down a photo of you. Do you have a picture of yourself all dressed up at a fancy event? Or maybe you have a picture of the two of you from your wedding (if you’re married) or from a vacation you took together. The picture serves to remind him of his commitment to you (if he needs it) and it’s a reminder for his office wife that their relationship is and will remain platonic.

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Meet Her

She’s probably not nearly as exciting, as beautiful or as funny as you think she is, but you would know for sure if you met her. If your guy’s office has a holiday party and significant others are invited, make sure you go. If she’s there, he will have no choice but to introduce you to her. You could also invite her over for dinner at your house. Let her get a glimpse of your happy life together and show her that your man has everything he needs at home. Be affectionate with your man in front of the office wife. Keep it tasteful, otherwise you will come off as desperate and jealous. Hold his hand, stand close to him and smile at him when he talks.

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Get Her a Date

If the office wife is single, get her a date. Maybe you have a brother, friend, cousin or co-worker who might be a good fit for her. Arrange for the four of you to go out to dinner. If they hit it off, she may lose interest in your significant other because she now has one of her own.

Whatever you do, don’t freak out. Men don’t respond well to hysterical women. It won’t make you look sexy. It will just make you seem desperate, jealous and self-conscious. And if all else fails, get an office husband of your own and make sure your significant other knows about. Maybe he just needs a taste of his own medicine.


2 thoughts on “How to Deal With His Office Wife

  1. Confusednjjeffersonga

    I am so mixed up. I don’t understand what the future holds for my son’ s father. He fell from a hotel he was working on in another state. He has not got to see his trauma surgeon since the 12 hour surgery to repair both his wrists, his right arm ,his right hip ,had to have nailing procedure. He has a 4 inch or more scar on his face. He has had horrible medical care. The whole time he was being treated by a wrist doctor only. He has physical therapy an occupational therapy 3 days a week. His employer came up with a job for light duty. They wanted him to come to the shop everyday an sit in chair with leg propped up an no use of right hand an read safety books all day. When he went in he was giving a racing parts book cause they had no safety books. He was still on walker that had arm attachments, cause he has to use arms to move it ,he can’t grip anything yet. He can’t open a bottle of water on his own, or take lid off of anything for that matter. He could not wipe himself at the time because you have to obviously bend your wrist an he can’t. On top off that at home we have toilet chair that sits over our’s so he don’t have to bend to far down. Also has arm things to hold onto to so he want fall. I noticed where you walk in shop was not set up fora handicap person it had some old boards that were just laid there an when u step on them they move. It could be a danger an the step up to get in was dangerous. Then there things in the path that led to the room where he was to sit in patio chair. I cleared the way the best I could so he want fall. He stayed 3 an half hours an then he had to leave to go to Dr to get right cast off. The Dr said it sound suitable an told him to stay home till next Dr. appointment in 2 months. He said at that time he would send him for evaluation that it was as get as it was going to get other than therapy. He says he want ever have good use of right hand or arm. He said he would need more surgery to open cArpals in a couple of years. I don’t know if this is good or bad an if they are rushing things or no I’m just confused please help anyone who has been in or gone through anything similar in ga?

  2. Jackie

    Interesting post. My husband’s assistant informed me to my face how much she loved my man AND how much IN love she was with him. She did this in front of witnesses that gleamed a lot of amusement at the confession. I told everyone that I was glad she loved my husband & that we had been married for over 20 years so I was not worried. Later, when she & I could talk alone – I informed her that we had been together for over 20 years & he was not going to leave me nor I leave him. I also placed an anonymous response from one of your psychics regarding this same topic which stated that it is a shame people waste their time on adulterous relationships. The irony the time frame in the psychic’s advise coincided with the 5 year affair she had been having with my husband. He was given a choice and he chose me. This has been extremely difficult for me.


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