Red Responds: The Guy of My Dreams

Lin in Fremont, CA asks:

I met the guy of my dreams. Unfortunately, he kind of hinted that he’s not interested. Even that he might be a gay. However, five out of six psychics that I counseled said that next year when he comes back from Europe, he would find me and contact me and that we “might” have a future development. I wonder why? I do have strong feelings for him. He takes my breath away every time I see him, just like I have known him for centuries or ages. I have never had these kinds of feelings for a male. Never! I try to forget about him, and his face keeps coming back. I hope I can win his heart over. Help? What should I do – other than losing 50 pounds and becoming a more attractive woman?

Psychic Red ext. 9226 Responds:

Dear Lin,

You have definitely found a member of your soul family, someone you have known during many lifetimes. That connection is very strong, and is part of the reason why each of you feels freer to be yourselves around each other. Each of you sees the other as someone very special, and you will reconnect with each other during this lifetime.

Your friend does have some feminine aspects to his personality, but he doesn’t present as gay. He is drawn to both men and women, and internally struggles with his sexuality. Because of his confusion, he tends to avoid relationships rather than explore them more deeply. You need to keep this in mind when he returns from Europe, because even though he will seek you out, his initial intentions seem to revolve around friendship rather than romance. You need to be prepared for this, because as the two of you get reacquainted, there will be times when you are receiving some strong mixed signals from him.

The reason you have been told that there “might” be romantic developments between the two of you is because this relationship shines with potential. However, it is also clouded with confusion. Granted, he’s really going to be blown away with your “new and improved” package, and he will feel more physical attraction toward you than he previously experienced. Even though there will be increased chemistry and attraction, his first priority will continue to be to protect your friendship. His second priority seems to be his desire to protect you from him. He will struggle with his desire to know you more intimately because he sees you as deserving a strong and traditional relationship, and fears that he will hurt you in the end.

You will have and maintain a close relationship with him throughout this life. In many ways he is your family, and he will always be a friend. While it is highly likely that the two of you will eventually become intimate, I don’t see a long-term commitment. He will continue to struggle with his sexuality and desires for other men. Marriage presents in your future, but it isn’t presenting in his. So while it looks as if you will know him as a lover, the true stability of this relationship is the connection you share as friends.

Brightest Blessings,


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2 thoughts on “Red Responds: The Guy of My Dreams

  1. browneyesbrowneyes

    I love reading Red Responds. I find the answers you give so interesting Red. Ive spoken to you several times over the past two years and your prediction for me remains the same. Even though I havent seen it manifest. But I do still have hope when I see your honesty revealed in responses like this one to Lin. You never tell everyone that “yes you will be with this man”. Ive seen countless times that your message no doubtedly broke someones heart but at least youre honest. Maybe mine is just taking more time than usual. Because when I asked if you saw anyone coming into my life between the time you saw the one I love coming back, you giggled and said “It wont do any good, this is the man youre going to spend your life with”. Well Red, Im still waiting but not “waiting”, ya know? I guess Im just saying thank you Red for such honest readings. And I sure hope your predictions for me start happening soon. Hope to talk to you again in a few months.

  2. Mary Lewis

    I was very interested in you response to :man of my dreams”. It seems I too have met the man of my dreams, feel like I have known him always. At the moment, it seems he feels I have lied to him but will not give me any insight as to what this is all about. I am very much in love with him and am powerless at thi time to understand any of thi. I thank you for your response, as I can see that this may be one-sided and I am just hoping he is in love with me. I enjoy your site very much, thanksagain.


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