Psychic Workout: Full Moon Rejuvenation

The moon travels through its cycle every twenty-eight days, making approximately thirteen lunar cycles in a calendar year. The moon and its movements have enchanted people since the beginning of time. There is something simply magical about the moon, that shines into the darkest of places. Each month, the full moon brings forth a specific energy and a time for deeper growth and renewal. Following is a brief explanation of each moon and the energy that it offers.

January – The Wolf Moon

This moon, also known as the Cold Moon, is a time of silence and introspection. As the winter howls, spend some time inside, with the home and family, in appreciation of the warmth and love. As you spend this time within, this is a time for protection, as you make sure that you and your family are safe in your den.

February – The Storm Moon

What is it time to release? What storms in your life need to blow through and quickly pass? As you begin to clear out the cobwebs for spring, think about what needs to be released and what you need to let go of on a mundane level of your life and home. Burn white candles in celebration of purification and prepare for the growth of the spring months to come.

March – The Chaste Moon

The Chaste Moon holds the power of purity and innocence. This moon communicates with the child within us. It’s a reminder of a time when life was simple, and everything imaginable seemed possible. Remember the child of yesterday, and perhaps do something that you haven’t done in ages. When you carelessly allow yourself to laugh out loud like a child, stop and recognize just how much better you feel for doing it.

April – The Seed Moon

This is a time to believe in yourself. Select the symbolic seeds for your personal spiritual growth that you would like to sow. They could be seeds of understanding, seeds of courage or seeds of tolerance. After you have planted your new venture, now have faith that all will be well. Spring is now present, and if those bulbs managed to make it through the treacherous cold and bloom, then so can you!

May – The Flower Moon

The May full moon is a time when we begin to really notice more vitality in our lives. The days are longer, the grass is getting greener, and the flowers are beginning to bloom. Celebrate love and love for life. Renew your sexuality and rekindle the romance in your life.

June – Lover’s Moon

Also known as the Strawberry or Rose Moon, the Lover’s Moon brings with it energy for love, marriage, and success in partnership. It’s no wonder that many call this moon the Honey Moon. The days are getting hot and humid and the Earth is full of its own kind of summer magic and passion. This is a time when desires and goals come into fruition quickly.

July – Mead Moon

The Mead Moon is a time of strength and power in full action. Recognize the Earth’s fertility, as the rewards of the farmers’ long days of labor are visible with the ripening of the fields. New antlers appear on the foreheads of bucks, pushing out with coatings of new velvety fur. What projects need that extra push? What booming energy to you want to call upon to aid you during this month?

August – The Corn Moon

This month, remember to give an offering of gratitude as you dwell in the abundance that you are harvesting. Offer assistance to help someone else reap the benefits of your abundance. Perhaps it’s a financial contribution, volunteer time or lending a sympathetic ear. With an open mind and heart, you will hear your calling as to where you are the most needed.

September – Harvest Moon

This is the time of year when the grains are being harvested, and it’s a good time for magick involving your prosperity, abundance and the nurturing of self. Once again, the dark and light are balanced, so this is an excellent month for meditation to increase balance and harmony overall.

October – Blood Moon

The night of the Blood Moon is a great time for divination of any kind. This is the time to use your psychic ability, which we all have on some level. Take this time to practice trying new skills, and surround yourself with mentors and guides that will bring insight on your path.

November – Snow Moon

At this time of the year, all of nature is getting ready for winter, and you will subconsciously begin to do so as well. Remind yourself that although winter is coming, bringing darker nights and a feeling of entrapment, it will not last forever. Do what you can to reduce your stress and to strengthen your bonds with family and friends as you spend more time indoors.

December – Oak Moon

Also known as the Cold or Long Night Moon, the Oak Moon is the time of year to complete something you have worked hard on, and to make sure that the task is truly completed. In addition, reflect on what you did during the year and to evaluate your accomplishments.

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