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Renee from Grand Rapids asks:

Hello Red, I hope that you can shed some light on my situation. I recently visited a local medium. I don’t doubt her abilities. However, she told me that one of my close friends was actually my soul mate. She went on to say that that we’re going to be together, be a powerful couple, help many people, and have an abundance of blessings in our lives. While I want so badly to believe this, I feel skeptical. He is engaged to marry another woman he hasn’t seen in almost eight years. I fail to believe that he is in love with this woman, and feel that his parents are pressuring him to marry. He keeps saying that he wishes that he had met me sooner.

Red, should I give up all hopes of being with him, and seek another? I love him like I’ve loved no one else before. If there’s no hope, I feel that I should move on, and let the healing process begin. I have not shared with him what the medium told me, since I’m not sure how he would react. Should I tell him? Is there any hope for us?

Psychic Red ext. 9226 Responds:

Dear Renee,

There are some situations in life that are meant to be and which come together flawlessly, and seemingly without effort; and then there are some things that are meant to be, but don’t necessarily develop in the manner we would like or expect. Your relationship with your friend falls into the latter half of that statement.

Nothing can screw up a prediction as effectively as free will. Most of the time, free will presents as action, reaction, or inaction. The good thing about relationships is that it encompasses the free will of two.

The medium you went to is very good, and she was being honest with the information she gave you. So, while I can say with a certain amount of confidence that her predictions will come true, I have to warn you that things could get a little quirky along the way.

Your friend is a soul mate, he is not in love with the woman he is engaged to, but he has a borderline self-sabotaging, passive-aggressive streak in him that could cause disruption – unless you take steps to prevent it.

Your friend feels obligated to maintain the illusion of his engagement because of his family. He really isn’t in a hurry to marry, and even though his parents push from time to time, both he and his fiancé have been able to fend off both sets of parents. Each family is rather expecting the marriage to go through, eventually. Since it hasn’t happened yet, and he still has time, he chooses not to make waves. He has more or less accepted this engagement and looming marriage as part of his fate.

Where it gets a little scary is that on his current course, he will marry and divorce her, prior to marrying you. So, it’s not that you won’t end up together, it’s just that it could be a longer and more complicated path than what it has to be.

You should talk to him. If you’re comfortable with it, tell him about your reading. He will listen, and it will have some impact on him, but he won’t make any rash changes or decisions because of it. At the very least, be more honest with him about what you want and how you feel. As long as you don’t pressure him (and it doesn’t look like you would), he is more likely to consider all of his options, rather than to blindly continue going along with the flow. Be understanding, because he will struggle with additional confusion, and his fear of standing up to, and potentially dishonoring, his family.

Your situation is far from hopeless, but how you come together will depend on you and your decisions almost as much as it depends on him.

I hope this helps.

Brightest Blessings,


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3 thoughts on “Red Responds: Should I Believe the Medium

  1. Johne182

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  2. mitz

    Renee, i was just curious i’m from grand rapids too and i was wondering what psychic you went to? since she seems the real deal i would want to go to her. i’ve had bad experiences with psychics that do not know anythingg and are fake. thank you.
    ps. i hope everythingg works out for you.

  3. tray


    Your man is betrothed to someone else? How do you know that’s true and not just a sidestep? Really, it’s very difficult to believe that either he would be so committed to someone he hasn’t seen in eight years or so under his family’s thumb. However, if it’s true then why would you want a man who is so controlled by his family? Do you think that control would magically stop just because he married the other woman or you? Best advice: go find yourself a grownup.


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