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You Already Have Everything You Need to Succeed

Daphne from Jerusalem Region asks:

I left my last workplace, which I worked at for 13 years, in a negative way. I am starting a new job next month in a place which I feel has new positive energy and is extremely demanding. Being new and coping with a new field within my work are a big challenge. Can you give me some insights about my new job and give me tips on how to succeed?

Psychic Red ext. 9226 Responds:

Dear Daphne,

You have everything you need to succeed and be successful at your new job, so try and relax. While this is a big change from your previous company and position, it is also a chance for you to learn, grow, and shine.

The arena you will be working in seems to be a bit more fast paced and political than what you are familiar with, but it doesn’t look like anything you can’t handle. Just remember that the actions of some of your coworkers and superiors isn’t actually personal, it’s more a competitive arena that urges everyone to strive for higher levels of excellence and performance. There are tremendous avenues for growth here, both personally and professionally.

Look at it this way, you have what it takes to navigate through the adjustments that anyone would experience with a position change and the venue in which to really excel and focus on your career path and growth. In time, you will know clearly who you can trust and to what depth, because the atmosphere is as supportive as it is competitive. Between the work and the people you are working with, you will find that you love your job and have created a home-away-from-home.

Congratulations! Scary as it may seem, this opportunity is long over-due, and precisely what you’ve needed.

Brightest Blessings,


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2 thoughts on “Red Responds: What You Need to Succeed

  1. Valerie

    I feel I’ve really made a mess of things in these last 12 years and I certainly am ready to begin a new cycle. I need to do some “housecleaning” but don’t know what to keep and what to throw away. It began with me leaving a very good job with perpetual benefits to begin a technical writing career (I felt I needed more challenge then). At the time my (ex) supported the idea, and then he begn regressing until he moved back with family that never approved of our marriage and rendered me invisible. He made his choice. I will turn 60 in a few days, only chronologically, miss my ex alot – although alone has its pluses, unemployed and scared, although intuition says I have a “future” but not sure what direction to go. If I’m on a solo path to the end of my days what am I’m supposed to be doing with this solo-ness? I appreciate your insight. Thank you and bless you.


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