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They’re Perfect for Me. Why Don’t They Want Me Anymore?

I often get calls from both women and men who feel they’ve had the perfect love in their lives, but those people have left them and don’t appear to be coming back. I’m asked to look at my Tarot cards to see if there’s any hint of a return.

First, I’d like to describe how I read. I believe, as my coworkers do, in free will. I don’t know for sure your love will or will not come back, but I get impressions from several places. My cards, my gut, and the way you describe your situation to me. I also sense the way you feel through empathy. I sincerely feel your pain at the loss of the love of your life. But here’s where what I see and what you feel may differ.

When I read for someone, whether it be my best friend or you, a new caller, I sense your best qualities, what makes you unique and special. I feel each person I read for is a beautiful soul reaching out for help and insight into something she cannot see herself. Even the most skilled psychic has difficulty looking at her love life objectively. We psychics often call each other for advice and special senses to examine our own personal loves.

The most difficult question I get, and one of the most frequent, is: Is he coming back? So many things come into play with this inquiry. I believe people have many soulmates who come in and out of our lives. A soulmate can be a lover, a child, a friend, a pet. But the calls I get are for lovers.
Your soulmate lover may seem like the only one you’ll ever have. You’ve never felt that way before. You think you never will again. I will not begin by telling you that they will or will not come back. Instead, I’ll ask you questions about why you want your soulmate to come back. I’ll ask you details about why you love this person. What did he do for you? How did he make you feel? What do you think your relationship would be like if he did return?

By asking these questions, I’ve found my clients can often answer their initial question themselves. I encourage my clients to explore their own thoughts with my guided questions. Once you have answered my questions, I then will read cards—and sometimes the cards aren’t even needed at this point.

One major thing I try to tell you is that you don’t have just one true love in your life. You have so much to give, but you also must be patient. He may not come back, and you can handle that. Your life is yours, yours alone. You have immense love and gifts to offer new people who come into your life, and by holding onto that one you feel got away, you may miss an opportunity for a new, blissful, and more connected lover. Most importantly, you’ll find that whether he comes back or not, you always have the special bond you once had and you carry it with you all your life—it allows you to give again if I indicate he’s not on his way back to you. It’s some of the hardest things to tell a distressed client who feels lost without her love. But rest assured. When you know he’s not coming back, and you’re ready to give and receive again, the universe delivers.

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49 thoughts on “Get Them Back with Psychic Help

  1. Daz

    Well there’s this girl and we r close friends but I really want her to be my g friend but she’s with some1 else.

  2. Pansy

    Well my love life is abit rocky ever since a bad argument happened. And I just truly want to know will he ever come back to me and fix what was broken, I’ve changed my whole way of thinking. I’ve learned my mistakes, I’m just patiently waiting for him while getting my life together as well.

  3. Ophelia, EXT 5078

    Hi Chris, You have to decide what you deserve. Do you need someone who is like that to you? Yet I feel there is a pull here from him for you. However, you can find it in someone else. I believe in many soulmates and not all soulmates are meant to be life-lasting, but some just to teach us more who we are and what we believe about ourselves.

  4. chris

    i was in a relationship but this guy suddenly change …. he stop talking to me .. before he was so agressive and wanted me to have sex in him but i refused … should i wait for him … i know being in love is so stupid but i cant stop thinking abbout him

  5. Ophelia, EXT 5078

    Hi Karen,

    I had similar experiences. For me, I’ve always been a boy-crazy lone wolf. Can you picture that? And I can fall in and out of love with people easily because I see such greatness in all of them. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Ophelia, EXT 5078

    Hi Carol,

    Ohhh I’d be jealous. You aren’t doing a thing wrong. Have you talked to him about how much this hurts your self-esteem? Maybe you could write it in a letter when you’re calm and say it gently to where he doesn’t feel threatened. Also, that will give him time to phrase his response.

  7. Ophelia, EXT 5078

    Hi Gayle,

    You may never love another as deeply or passionately, and it sounds like you tried over and over to recapture it.

    Being in love is a great gift, in my opinion. I want to impart on you that since he’s gone and you indicate he’s not coming back and you’ve found nobody near as wonderful as he was, well, there are also an infinate many joys in life you can explore.

    Romantic love drives us to be stronger, better, happier. But there is no law saying we can’t make our lives that way on our own. I get a feeling you can still find things to enjoy and that you are a very strong person.

  8. Ophelia, EXT 5078

    Dear Elise,

    It’s a method I use when I feel my client knows the answer in his heart, but doesn’t know how to make the words come out his mouth. I couldn’t tell him anything to spark realization, he needs to crank the wheels and come to it on his own.

  9. Ophelia, EXT 5078

    Dear Elise,

    It’s a method I use when I feel my client knows the a answer in his heart, but doesn’t know how to make the words come out his mouth. I couldn’t tell him anything to spark realization, he needs to crank the wheels and come to it on his own.

  10. Ophelia, EXT 5078

    Dear Donna White,

    I think we can love more than one person romantically at a time. I can love a memory of a man who mistreated me, while loving the man I’m married to now who I feel is the perfect man for me. Maybe some part of you will always love him, but it’s possible you could love a new man a totally different way while holding onto the specialness of the first man.

  11. Ophelia, EXT 5078

    Hi Jerry,

    I would love to write a post for men. What would you like it to be about? Throw a few things around and maybe I can come up with something. I’m kinda a tomboy.

  12. Ophelia, EXT 5078

    Hi Melvin,

    It may seem impossible, but let time pass. And pass, and pass. Don’t let this destroy your life! You have much to offer the world and its people and pets. If all that makes you happy is watching movies you’ve seeen a thousand times, make it thousand and one times.

    Walk around a park once a week. Get some sun on your skin, feel that you are a part of something. It may n ot be the intimate relationship you once had, but you are part of humankind. I believe in you.

  13. Ophelia, EXT 5078

    Hi Barbara,

    You can. Find the things that used to make you happy and see if they still do. Sleep all weekend once in a while if you need to. Find beautiful things and surround your home with them. Wildflowers don’t cost a penny and they can cheer even the most crotchety.

  14. Ophelia, EXT 5078

    Hi Harshal,

    A terrible tragedy carries through genberations. I’m so very sorry the woman you were seeing didn’t acknowledge you were moving on, bbecause that’s what your story reads to me. But there are so many others who will hang in there. Don’t give up and think love’s not for you. In fact, don’t give up on anything that makes you happy. Think back to what you used to like to do before she passed. Pick up those things again and go from there. One woman does not represent the whole of women. She may not have had the confidence she could ever sway you from your passed love to her – and you did nothing wrong. You were still grieving. Hold on to the things in life you still find desireable, and yes, either before or after you can let her rest in peace, and you seek out new love, I believe you will find it.

  15. Ophelia, EXT 5078

    Hi Marc from UK,

    I like your attitude. I wish you hadn’t had to go through that kind of pain. But reading your comment made me smile. You looked within and found answers as to how to get through it.

  16. Ophelia, EXT 5078

    Hi Jami,

    Don’t give up just yet. It sounds like he’s not the only one to put you through betrayed trust and pain. Step back for a sec from the anger, the rage, the despair.

    Look at you. What pleases you? Do you like to knit? Cook? Paint? Fix up the house? I don’t want the world to lose you – you are a unique and sensitive person and we need more of those on Planet Earth.

    Take time to heal and reflect on your good qualities. No, not the ones people in life have told you were worthless. Forget them. Just you, now. Maybe sleep on it for a week. Then after that week’s up, get out of bed, bathe, and take a walk.

    Little steps lead to bigger steps then to bounding lightly eventually. Don’t give up. I don’t want you to.

  17. Ophelia, EXT 5078

    Hi Brown Eyes,

    So glad you moved on. And I hope others read your comment. And I also hope you found a way to be happy on your own before your next love.

  18. Ophelia, EXT 5078

    Hi Anne,

    Moving on may seem impossible. But it’s not. He hurt you. Now you can look within yourself and find your own value. Do things you like to do which have nothing to do with him or men in general. Rediscover what you feel he took from you. You have unique gifts and talents and your imagination could be your strongest tool to letting him go. Imagine him begging you to take him back and you get to say no…and know why you’d say no after a few weeks of enjoying things you like to do and admitting to yourself he wasn’t that great to have treated you so poorly. Get your confidence back. You don’t deserve to be treated like that.

  19. Ophelia, EXT 5078

    Hi Carmen,

    That sounds so painful. Why would he leave? You wonder what is wrong with you. Nothing. Nothing’s wrong with you. Some people can’t commit, others get scared once a marriage is final. I’m betting you did nothing wrong, and I feel it’s time to heal and let go. You’re strong enough to do it, I just know.

  20. Ophelia, EXT 5078

    Hi JJ Evans. I feel what you’re going through as difficult. I once thought I’d found the one and it dragged on and off for years. I have a feeling from your post it may not be women aren’t into you, but you can’t be yourself around them while loving another.

    It may be hard to believe, but I feel strongly you can move on if you truly believe she’s not coming back. But I don’t think you have faith this is the situation.

    She may come back with 6 kids and four husbands under her belt, or she may not at all.

    Something I believe without anything indicating it to be true or false or muddled is we have many soulmates and we cross lifetimes, countless lifetimes with these people. I’m not too sure what the ultimate point is, but I sense we are all teachers and we are all students, and life is a learning experience on a path to knowing your true self-worth.

  21. J.j. Evans

    Hmmm. Pretty interesting, Ophelia.
    I met my ex-fiancée almost 16 years ago…we were madly and deeply in love. Despite the many problems we had along the way, I was still certain that she was the one and that we were still passionate about each other. Reality: SHE was gradually and constantly falling OUT of love with me, and she eventually left despite my every effort to keep her. Even now, it still tears me apart that she isn’t with me. Many of the things I like to do are rather tough for me to get into now as they remind me of her in some way. (Example: are you familiar with the video game called Street Fighter? She was an avid Chun-li fan.) We’ve been apart for about four or five years now.

    I’ve tried my hardest for years to uphold my promise to her that if we were to ever be separated, I wouldn’t let it get to me and I would advance forward with my own life…but it’s so far been a losing proposition. Perhaps she wasn’t the one, I don’t know. Other relationships I’ve been in since then have not only failed miserably, but they failed MUCH faster, often not even lasting a year. And far too many people have said that there’s better out there…something that I highly doubt. If that were the case, I think I would’ve found her by now. The reality there is that at this point, there aren’t ANY women AT ALL that are interested in me.

  22. Carmen

    I have been with my husband for 41/2 years but only been married for 10 months.It all started a month after we got married,the staying out and not coming home,the lying,them I asked was it someone else,he said yeah.He’s been back and forth ever since but now I think I have lost him for good,idk what else to do.

  23. Ophelia, EXT 5078

    Thank you all for your responses. I wish I could read for each of you who are suffering from such losses.

    I married when I was 28, divorced at 33, then married again at 35. My husband now was a man I dated 10 years earlier from when we got back together. When we dated the first time, we weren’t ready for each other and I broke it off because I didn’t feel strong enough to be in a relationship. We are happy now, although there are sometimes rough patches, but I believe he is the one I’m meant to be with.

    A psychic I knew where I used to live told me I’d marry again when I was in my first marriage. I also knew first marriage wouldn’t work, but wanted to try, anyway. When he broke it off with me, I was saddened, terrified, yet relieved. The bond we had when younger had faded and only the vow held us. I still wonder if he’s okay and happy, but that’s all.

    The psychic who told me about my second husband gave me details about him, accurate details. I’m so much happier than I’ve ever been. But 10 years? It seems like lifetimes ago since we were together, but we both needed to experience things in life till we were ready for the relationship we have now.

    I hope this helps.

  24. Anne

    I don’t know where to start but the man I thought was the one had broke up with me and quickly move on a month after we broke up. Now it’s been 8months I still can’t get over him,i try to date other people and even spend money on tjose psychic but nothing. After we broke up I asked him to give the relationship a second chance,he said yes then stop answering my call and everything. While him and his ex ,they still friend talk and hang out. Can somebody please tell me how to move on? I really need help!!

  25. browneyesbrowneyes

    I think this article has the wrong title. It in no way indicates that with psychic help an old lover will return. Psychic readings never brought my lover back. I had readings for over 3 years and the majority said they “saw” him coming back to me. Never happened and never will. He moved on a long time ago as I should have. Just glad I finally woke up.

  26. Faith ext. 9608Faith ext. 9608

    Nice to see you writing Ophelia! More Please! 😉 I appreciate the last paragraph in this article especially. It’s filled with beautiful spiritual truths. Keep writing dear sister psychic. I’ll be talking with you soon!

    Blessings, Faith ext. 9608

  27. Jami


  28. Marc from the UK

    Lovely article, I have taken guidence and often it was about a love I’m about to lose or lost, I can relate to this article and the one thing I hung on to was the love I feared losing, I realised the lesson was about that, I am a better person now and more settled in life and finding myself and rather than rushing through my life I am relting to it past present and future which is the lesson in its own, I still think about the lost love who has a daughter of mine, I think about them every day and take solace in the fact that they too are souls on a journey, I still feel sadness and pain, but believe Karma will deliver. Thank you to the writer of this article.

  29. Faith

    Ophelia: In your reading…”Get them Back”….I understand that sometimes relationships just don’t work out and you must move along; especially after many years of never seeing that person again…..IT IS WHAT IT IS! However, I am also of the mind (concentrating on being realistic and objective) that “sometimes” people/situations change….I am normally an Aires that is too
    busy to concentrate on “things” that are not possible; therefore usually I move along….for
    some reason (that I can not explain) I try to concentrate on other issues and I am drawn back
    to this old relationship…….I have moved along in life and work on developing my life on a
    regular basis….but, this one has really got me!!!! I will guard my spirit, mentality, logic
    and reasoning….however, I feel I must keep a door open……it may be foolish to most; but,
    there is always the possibility that relationships can happen “the second time around”…
    will go on and with my new beliefs in the Spirit and Kharma, I will keep my heart protected;
    but open.
    Never Too Late

  30. Harshal

    I dont know where to start from..
    Alright.. I reside in India and I was in a relationship with a girl which started in 2009. We never broke up and we never met but she expired last year in the month of April due to blood clots in her spinal bone. I was shattered and completely broken and i cried daily with the fact to accept that i am not going to see her anymore.. We had tried to meet when she was alive but could not due to our so called destiny which always played with us. We both were madly in love with each other. I could not even attend her funeral as I came to know post 20 days that she has left heavenly abode. I still miss her. After she left a girl came into my life and we were carrying on for 9 months around. She broke up with me because I had my former girlfriends photo in my cell set as a wallpaper. She said she loved me a lot but never tried to stick or fight for her love if she truly did. I had started loving her but she left me thinking that I would never love her. What she never understood is that it takes time to come out of a trauma. I pleaded her to come back but she was adamant not to. I gave her all my time and did not neglect her as far as meeting was concerned. Now I feel that love is absolutely not made for me. I miss being in a relationship and have really lost hope that i will ever get any girl who loves me the way I am and for what I am. I don’t want to know whether my former lover would come back to me as I know she wont but I just want to know where was I wrong and what should I do to move on once and for all as I am really depressed and low about it.
    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Thanks and regards

  31. Dea

    Thank you Ophelia for that wonderful, pragmatic, and clear advice about the way we as humans will often feel about a specifically enjoyable time we shared with another person. Situations change that precipitate a change in perceptions that may cause ones once close to drift apart and no longer be as close if at all. Acceptance of that change and examining what it is (or was) that the individual’s imagined needs or wants from the new reality helps tremendously.

  32. Jerry Knott

    I keep getting these e-mails geared towards a woman. I am a man! If you could slant these towards a man I would be more interested, thank you, Jerry

  33. Melvin Larcart, Jr.

    I can’t say too much about the article because a lady that I love has gone. My heart is broken and I haven’t been the same. The thought of her with someone else tears me apart. I don’t sleep well or have too many interest but, I know life goes on with me or without me.

    Broken Hearted

  34. Gayle Martin

    Interesting post. In my case, I spent decades looking for someone else, and no one, and I mean no one, could ever take his place. Yes, I was opened-minded and yes, I met some wonderful people along the way, none of whom I ever fell in love with.

    After spending decades looking for someone else, and experiencing two failed marriages, I’ve come to realize that, at least in my case, he is the only man I’ll ever be in love with, and if I can’t have him then I have no other choice but to accept my fate and deal with the reality that I will be alone for the rest of my life. Not the life I wanted, but for whatever reason, I am not meant to have someone.

  35. carol

    when he makes nice comments on other females, how should I take it. when we go for a drive down his street , he makes a 180 degree turn of his head to look at another woman. This has gone on all my 40 years of marriage. I am nice to look at, according to others. I have to go out to get compliments. Why does he not compliment me.H e has been told many times to look at his wife and not others. what, have I done wrong. If I looked at another man, the way he looks at other women, he would explode.

  36. Karen

    I had that happen to me recently….I met someone and we fell in love quickly. Everything was perfect and thought he was the man I was meant to be with, or so I thought. Then one day, out of no where, he told me he had to leave. I was completely ruined. Couldn’t eat, sleep, talk or even listen to songs on the radio because everything reminded me of him.

    But you know what, an old love came back to help me through it. Even though he and I have our ups and downs, he has been there through thick and thin. I have finally given my heart back to him because I believe that people are in our lives for a reason and he was clearly placed in my life to stay.

    You see, I believe that I met the other guy because he taught me to stand up for myself and what I am wanting and feeling. Ultimately it changed my relationship with my old boyfriend and placed in a much stronger place.

    A psychic told me several years ago that me and my old (and now new) boyfriend where meant to be together but we had to experience what we were about to go through. To this day, she still shocks me because she could not have been more accurate.

  37. Svetlana Kitchen

    I am divorse with my husband more then year. I am filing now very lonely somentimes. Please help me.

  38. ROHINI





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