Red Responds: Is Your Past Life Ruining Your Love Life?

Past Lives and Relationships: Do They Mix?

Thach Vang from Westminster asks:

Are we destined to end up with someone we have a karmic connection with? I’ve recently met a guy and now I feel a strong bond and a familiar, comfortable connection that is indescribable. He made me feel like being next to him is exactly where I’m suppose to be and he makes me feel protected and safe. I’ve never, ever had that same feeling with anyone before. The problem is he’s the ultimate playboy. I feel like a past life or something that is stronger than either one of us realizes is drawing us together. He’s completely wrong for me, yet I’m drawn to him. I’m also dating other men who are much more mature and much more open to commitment and I really like them a lot. Am I destined to be with him because of our karmic bond or is it possible that I may end up with someone else? Should I even consider him as an option even with all his negativity towards relationships and commitment?

Psychic Red ext. 9226 Responds:

Dear Thach,

Many of us do choose to bond with and commit to someone with whom we share a karmic connection. But it’s just that—a choice. While destiny may dictate that you will have a committed relationship and marriage, destiny doesn’t dictate that you have only one option. The Free Will Factor: it’s a beautiful thing and a nuisance all at the same time.

You’re playboy friend isn’t ready for commitment, or even to settle down just yet. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy spending time with him, but it is cause for you to keep your expectations in check. Because of the strong karma and chemistry between the two of you it’s not going to be easy, but, it’s also not impossible. Save yourself the pain of unmet expectations by accepting that this man is not going to be ready to settle down for a few more years.

You have a lot of say in who you choose to be your mate and partner. While you might be drawn to the badboy, you aren’t going to settle for someone who isn’t willing or equipped to dedicate the same level of energy to a relationship as you. While Mr. Badboy is more exciting and enticing than some of the other men you have circling you, part of you seems to know that he isn’t going to change for you, at least not at this point in his life. As long as you continue to remind yourself of some of the imbalances, you’ll be able to navigate this time, and man, quite successfully. However, if your choice is made and you have your heart set on him, be accepting that the level of commitment you desire in a relationship is going to have to wait. You can catch this guy, and keep him, but you aren’t going to change his readiness in terms of timing no matter how badly you may want to.

I hope this helps you!

Brightest Blessings,


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5 thoughts on “Red Responds: Is Your Past Life Ruining Your Love Life?

  1. Alexandra

    Thanks Red & Thach for addressing this subject. I have been really in love (wanting to share my life) with just 2 men in my life…the one I was married to for 40 years and the
    one I am still in love with but with some obstacles. We were very happy together for
    over 2 yrs. Then his general life turned upside down and he terminated the close relationship. I understood his situation and was willing to share whatever time he would
    be able to give me…but realistically, I knew he could not handle it all. His life struggles,
    circumstances and obstacles have subsided; still having to finish his studies (coming up end of year) towards a different career change. I have seen him casually periodically during that time but no romantic inter action. I still love him & have tried everything under the sun to stop my feelings without success…that is what tells me ( astrologically, and other metaphysics means), that we are strongly spiritually, possible past life connected….but, giving myself, without success, the opportunities to date other men. I keep wondering if fate or destiny will bring us together again, but realizing that it may not happen, in spite of my love and still strong attraction, which I believe he also feels for me.

  2. Aishah B. Striggles

    8 years ago I met my soul mate, we both share the same north nodes and south sun in the same sign as his moon,saturn.His venus ,mercury opposite my moon, venus.. both of us are artist.i’m older than he he c ares less.we know it’s karmic connection, and still needs work nothing comes easy.

  3. marc from the uk

    Hi, great article and response, I have had a karmic relationship, twice, they are great factors of my life, but the key here is w make it either a good or bad experience through choices, free will! Too may people holdon to the thouht that it’s meant to be bla bla bla, NO and Yes, Karma is around us like roads and paths, we choose which twist and turns, and how to better or worsen, the journey. LIFE is a TOOL use it wisely and safely.

  4. IR

    As I read Thach’s story, I feel I am describing my own situation. I met a young man about 9 yrs. ago. As he shook my hand, I felt lightning had struck me and it went from the back of my head all the way down my back. This had never happened before. I felt a connection like never before. We are both married and I am 19 yrs. older than him. He approached me and we have had an off and on relationship. He is totally wrong for me but I am strongly drawn to him. I desire so much to be with him but have chosen not to. He is a playboy, extremely handsome, and charming but only calls when he needs me. I have said good bye to him so many times but he keeps returning. I was told by a psychic we were lovers in another life. I have written a letter, burned it, said good bye, & he keeps coming back. Part of me wants to be with him badly and the other part does not. There have been other extreme coincidences. I don’t know what else to do. Please help me!

  5. Julie

    I’m in a similar situation, we have been seeing each other on & off for just over 3 years. He knows has my heart & that I love him, I know he has been hurt before but the girl who has his heart keeps stringing him along. Yet everytime we break it off between us, mainly because she has come between us, we end up gravitating back together within a month or two & the cycle starts all over again!!

    I’m not sure if this is a karmic connection or not, but I do know that If I don’t try to stay strong & move on from him this time, otherwise it is going to cause me more hurt / heartache in the long term.


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