10 Relationship Rules to Break

Break These Relationship Rules

For every bit of good relationship advice, there are at least two that need to be ignored. I’m not trying to confuse you; I’m simply trying to remind you that sometimes the rules we follow are not always in our best interest. It’s not that they are formed with bad intentions, and some of them are at least partially true, but they can stifle love with their rigidity, leaving couples vulnerable and with expectations that are too high.

A few of the common rules you may have already crossed off your to-do list are to never go to bed angry, and always be honest with your partner. Let’s consider several more.

1. If it’s Meant to Be, it Will Be

Relationships take work. This is not saying that you should throw yourself completely into every guy or girl you meet, but you should give your best, reasonable effort. Love is partially a chemical thing, but it is also influenced by your ability to communicate. This means that you have more influence over the success of your relationships than you give yourself credit for. Do you feel like your meant-to-be relationship is falling apart? See what happens with a reading from relationship expert Psychic Lillian ext. 5625.

2. Let Him Make the First Move

It is true that men like the thrill of the chase. However, some men are more natural-born hunters than others. If you are subtly wagging your tail, waiting for him to notice, you may be relying too much on fate. Occasionally, you can write our own happy ending, but first you must take charge of the pen and paper!

3. Wait for the Spark

The idea of a “spark” has been mentioned so often in books and television, that it’s amazing couples even manage to find each other at all. The spark people feel is the brain’s reaction to a combination of chemicals derived from either hormones or the level of fear you are experiencing at that moment. When put that way, it doesn’t sound quite so romantic, does it? Some of the hottest romances have started from a very slow burning match.

4. Never Give Up

I’ll make this one short and sweet as that is how a lot of men and women would prefer it when it comes to someone who just won’t quit. If you’ve tried getting someone’s attention and they refuse to see you as anything but a friend, that is usually a good sign that you need to find someone who wants more than just friendship.

5. Never Date a Coworker

There is very good intention with this rule as office romances can be quite treacherous to your esteem and career. However, you’ve got a lot on your side when it comes to developing a relationship at work, such as familiarity, proximity and commonality. A better rule is to avoid your supervisor (or subordinate) and anyone who is already married (happy or unhappily).

“If you’re lacking in dating confidence, stop where you are. Get right with yourself first, so not only do you have a solid foundation to work from, but the likelihood of being successful in your dating endeavors increases!” – Psychic Simone ext. 5346

6. Don’t Date While Living With Mom

A lot of 20- and 30-somethings are finding themselves back at home with mom and dad for various reasons. This may not seem like the appropriate time to advertise yourself as a great catch. However, plenty of couples have found each other, before finding their purpose and career. The best way to find love is to be ready for it any time.

7. Let Boys be Boys

It is good to let your guy be himself and give him some leash room when it comes to those minor annoyances. Unfortunately, some women have come to think of men with bad behavior as being the norm, because, well, they’re boys. Think of it this way: The reason men act badly is they’ve tried it and found success with it. If women would stop letting some men get away with inappropriate behavior, there would be less of it going around.

8. The Couple Who Sleeps Together, Stays Together 

It’s pretty common knowledge that a couple should share most everything, including a bed. I used to believe this was true, until I met some couples who were at the end of their rope, simply because they could not get a decent night’s sleep with their partner’s constant stirring, snoring, or (insert your own complaint here).

9. Satisfy Him or Her in Bed

This goes back to the old 1950’s rules, where the wife was instructed to get a man’s slippers, always greet him at the door with a smile and have a hot meal waiting for him. Selfishness is not always good, but sometimes it gets too bad of a wrap, especially when your good intentions are spoiling your own fun. You should be aware of your partner, but make sure you’re receiving the same attention in return.

10. Boring is Bad

A lot of people get tossed off the roster, simply because of one boring date. People who find themselves in turbulent relationships crave the excitement that they offer. Sometimes, two people really do have differing views of fun, and other times, they just need to give the idea of “comfort” a chance. We all crave comfort foods, so why not give a comfortable relationship a chance.

“Love never dies. It can change form and shape and reroute itself, but it’s still there.” – Psychic Fiona ext. 5178

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