Red Responds: Is He In Love With Someone Else?

He Should Only Love Me, Right?

Sonia Roa from Pune asks:

Why do people get attracted to someone else when your present partner does everything to keep you happy?

Psychic Red ext. 9226 Responds:

Dear Sonia,

There are many reasons why people find themselves attracted to others, even when they are restricted by the boundaries of an existing relationship. Having a defined relationship and dedicated partner may dictate being exclusive—but being exclusive doesn’t mean that a person ceases to feel or find others attractive.

A person can be completely blissful in a relationship, but even that level of happiness isn’t going to “shut off” the appreciation and resonance that occurs from basic human interactions. Sometimes, attraction occurs due to normal, physiological response—what we like to simplify and call “chemistry.” That chemistry can be physical, caused by the pheromones we all produce, or it can be something a little more esoteric—crossing paths with a past-life love or a member of our soul family. Some attractions are surface, the draw being appearance or status. We all have come across someone, regardless of relationship status, that we find incredibly physically, mentally, or emotional attractive. Sometimes, we aren’t exactly sure what we find so attractive about another, we just know there’s something…

Finding yourself, or finding out that your partner, is attracted to an outside party is fairly common—and quite normal. By nature, we are not monogamous. Monogamy is a choice. Unless we enclose ourselves and/or our partners into a soundproofed, bricked-up box with no windows or ventilation—outside attractions are going to happen.

A person who is truly happy and happy with their partner and relationship can’t be “won” or “lost” because of external attractions. While they may acknowledge an attraction to an outside party, they will typically defend and protect the relationship that they have, because even with the onset of external attraction—there really is nothing to explore.

Brightest Blessings,


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6 thoughts on “Red Responds: Is He In Love With Someone Else?

  1. Jemnie Hilton

    I am in love with a past boyfriend and talk to him for three years everyday He is not really into his girfriend Any hope for us to get togetherI do not want anyone else

  2. pixie

    If you hate his ex try reading I HATE HIS EX by Alex Cooper. I had loads of problems with my fiance’s ex and I have now resolved them thanks to the advice in this book! You can get it on Amazon! Definitely worth a read! 🙂

  3. Linda

    Hi red, just read your article about is he in love with someone else. i really liked the reads, but my question is how do u win someone back after they have strayed with someone else. I know that he still cares about me because he tells everyone that he does and that he thinks about me all the time. he also calls 5,6,7 times a day. comes by or coffee everymorning. he used to live with me and moved out because of this other woman. it has been 3 months now and i think that he is having second thoughts bout the other woman. I comfronted him with the things that i found out about her after doing background search. she is a user and is using him. but he needs to take off rose colored glasses to see it himself. can u please help me? Thank u
    Linda in Florida

  4. Waltraud Boden

    This isso interesting. My Husband ha sall the outside atractions and demands he has a right to do what eve he wants. There is one women she is a alcaholic and I send here onher way. Now he is so mad that he is shaking up with others and he want me to get friends Friends with here. She is in here 50. and drinks a lot, has a big fresh mouth and she wants to come in this house, we allwaiys have BEER AND THAT IS WHAT SHE LIKES. she can sit for hrs and talk’s bulsh… If I say I like to go to bed now she tells me to go ahead . She likes more time ti sit here with my Husband


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