The Astrology of Christmas

What Did the Sky Look Like When Jesus Was Born?

The astrologers/Wise Men followed a brilliant star rising at the time of Jesus and before the end of Herod’s reign (before the year 1 CE). The year 7 BCE then became amazingly symbolic—perfect for the birth of a Jewish Crown Prince of Peace.

Astrologers/wise men amongst those of Palestine, and those to the east of Bethlehem, observed the crescent moon each month. It was the eastern astrologers’ rebirth of their moon god Sin after disappearing for three days. Sin’s biggest celebration during the month of April each year preceded a solar eclipse hiding the sun during the day of April 29. The rebirth of the crescent moon god Sin then appeared May 1 as a phenomenal “rebirth” omen. May 1 is a birthdate proposed by Bernadette Brady, University of Wales.

Sin was in the blessed radiance of Venus, in the crook of the Good Shepherd (Osiris/Orion/Attis/Buddha), protector of all the creatures of the zodiac. The protective energies of the divine feminine and masculine were at play.

Also at sunset was Sirius, representative of Isis and Mother Mary. The masculine symbol Mars shone from the zenith of the sky in the wing of the goddess Virgo, shielding those going through the resurrection process. Mars was also just above the Vessel/Holy Grail on the back of the sea serpent Hydra carrying the Egyptian god Horus.

Also on this day the Sun/“Light” was rising with the Pleiades’ seven stars referred to in Revelations 1:16, where the coming Messiah holds seven stars in his right hand. The Pleiades are in the shoulder of the Great Bull, another symbol of the resurrected god born of the goddess.

The other date Brady mentioned for that year was September 15, when the sun was setting with Spica—the Christ Child—in the Mother Goddess Virgo and Jupiter/Saturn were rising. Other proposed dates are December 4 and 25, when Virgo was rising at midnight all carrying some of the symbolism of the May 1 date.

May 1, 7 BCE skies offer the complete enchanting symbolism that stirs our deepest desires even today—a brilliant star being reborn to save us with the nurturing light of the sun in the protective arms of our great mother earth—a wonderful image to visualize to comfort and guide us during the holiday season.

When we consider the strong dates proposed by astrologers for the birth of Christ in the year 7 BC, the sky shows the crown prince Jupiter rising after being invisible in the sign of Pisces—sacred to peace and Mother Goddess Aphrodite. Saturn, the planet of the Jewish people forms a brilliant “star” with Jupiter. The Mother Mary is indicated by Venus, Sirius, Virgo and the crescent Moon, all prominent in the proposed charts for the birth of the Christ light—the beautiful, brightest visions in the skies in 7 BCE—a true source of our on-going inspiration and celebration during our December holidays.

The Hebrew’s Mary, Miriam means rebellious, the waters of strength and myrrh. This is an interesting view of Mary, particularly if the reports that Mary was raised in a temple of Virgin Priestesses are accurate.

The name Mary’s origin is Egyptian meaning “beloved” or “loved.” Her image with Jesus in her lap is identical to that of ancient Egyptian Isis/Sirius holding her son resurrected from his father Osiris/constellation Orion.

Mother Mary encompasses all aspects of the Mother Goddess giving birth to the Prince of Peace. Mary is the Queen of Heaven, as Neith was the Egyptian Goddess of the Milky Way feeding us all literally and spiritually.

Quinn ext. 5484 reminds us: “This time of year is also about the winter equinox. So not only are the spiritual holidays celebrated but life’s ever changing seasonal energies as well.”

Mary was also Stella Maris—the Star of the Sea—Venus/Aphrodite. The rites of Aphrodite were celebrated under Virgo’s opposite sign, Pisces—the Christian Fishes—on her island Cypress. Aphrodite holds a box of gifts for us. Atargis, Syrian sea goddess was worshipped at her sacred fish ponds on Fridays where celebrants ate fish. Later she was Freya who provided “Friday” to our vocabulary. Aphrodite, Mary and the Holy Ghost are also associated with the dove of peace.

Pole Star Polaris was considered the Christ Child in Ursa Minor, the Baby Bear protected by the Great Bear Mother Goddess, Ursa Major. In the magical skies of the Northern Hemisphere, Ursa Major appears to “Walk Upon the Earth” to the north after Sunset at harvest time.

The harvest is also associated with the sign Virgo, representing Mother Mary and Demeter. Virgo has the loveliest, gentle blue star in the sky in her wheat sheaf, Spica. In Christian astrology Spica represents the Christ child. Chartres Cathedral in France is considered to be in the shape of the constellation Virgo.

In your personal chart Spica is your gift in life—a source to honor in sacred celebration whatever your religious faith may be. The divine feminine giving birth to the divine masculine offers love and compassion to humanity across all borders and belief systems.

“As we scurry about shopping for gifts, trimming the tree, cleaning the house (oh the joy) I like to think that in the worst of times the holiday season can bring some sense of joy to mankind.” – Quinn ext. 5484

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