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Abdulrahman from Lagos, Nigeria asks:

My old girlfriend wants to get back together again with me. We parted ways because of her father. He was against us being together in the first place. In an African setting, fathers have their say. Should I wait for him to accept us or allow nature to take its course?

Psychic Red ext. 9226 Responds:

Dear Abdulrahman,

The love between your old girlfriend and you is true, and not without hope. However, both of you will be struggling against what boils down to a timing issue, because her father is not yet ready to accept that his daughter’s choice is you.

Your girlfriend is very strong spirited, and she will not consent to a relationship with a man of her father’s choosing. However, the two of you will have to keep your relationship quite secretive for about a year, until her father begins to soften. It will be challenging, because your girlfriend doesn’t want to be cast out of her family, but she also does not want to be without you. There are many challenges ahead for the two of you, should you decide to be with one another now. That is something you need to be prepared for, because I am seeing periods of silence and separation ahead for the two of you.

Even though there is much difficulty and outside interference that will impact your relationship, it does look as if the two of you will be together, with her father’s half-hearted blessing, in the future.

Good luck!

Brightest Blessings,


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15 thoughts on “Red Responds: Fight for Your True Love

  1. SCOTT

    You have a valid point Sara, however, just because an answer from a psychic is common sense based or easily analyzed, DOES NOT automatically mean that the response was not of a psychic nature. Sometimes the most obvious answer to a question can ALSO be arrived at or validated psychically. Theres no rule stating that ALL responses from psychic readers have to be the most illogical!

  2. adeshola

    Leo F.,

    It seems u didn’t really take your time to study your woman before you delved into that relationship. She took you up because she needed a change and now she needs to move on again. who knows if she told her new beau what she told you about her ex then.

    Man, it’s not the end of the world, move on with your life. Luck will bring love your way soon. hope and pray.

  3. Sara

    I don’t see how this is in any way psychically inspired. Any half-brained psychologist could have said the same thing. This kind of answer, while correct, does not imply psychic abilities in any way to me…

  4. elisabeth

    Dear Red , this is beth from powdersprings GA again … i am just cking IN 2 See if you have read my ?? OR 2 see if maybe you will respond 2 me!! thank you

  5. christina

    im torn between 2 men the father of my baby we been together 6 years and my first love came back into my life.. i love them both i dont know what to do i dont want to make a mistake

  6. Alex

    and by GOLLY, it aint over til the fat lady sings…and I am waiting for her…ha.
    No way, I am throwing in the towel yet….

  7. lew

    I have been seeing this man for six years. We started out datimg, but decided to be friends. Butn through the years, there has been this romantic pull between us. We have dated others, and have complained to each other about our dating partners. In the end, it has always come back to us. I still have feelings for him and I sense that it it the same for him. Do we still have a chance?

  8. Javed Ali

    I do not what to do? There is a person whom i love very much. We are college friends she is of other religion and going to get married next year. We use to be very good friends and i like to admit that only i love her and she used to my only good freind. But now as her marriage dates are coming near she starts getting little bit rude with me. we starts fighting with eachother on small things.
    Please tell what i should do as i always want her to be happy in her life. Should i leane her????

  9. Leo F.

    For years I’ve struggled to find what is my true love ,soul mate, after two long dread full relationships I moved back to my old town were i grew up . the last place were i would ever think to look or that i would of ever consider looking i found her, right next door to me. At first i had no attraction to her other than the fact that when we talked it was for ever and yet their wasn’t enough time in a day for us to finish a conversation. A week after talking we were together and i started growing feelings for her . A month later i told her i needed to talk to her and have a serious talk in regards to my feelings towards her and proceeded to tell her as much as i could say about my self so that there wouldn’t be any surprises or pointing finger my way in regards to me not being truthful in the beginning . AS SHE RETURNED THE FAVOR she told me that the man living with her was just a room mate and that there wasn’t any feelings or relationship going on between both of them. so we started dating and after coming back from a 25 day trip to visit her parents her attitude changed and the room mate she first told me about turned out to be her husband which she did end up divorcing and to tell you i stop living in my house and moved in with her. well it only took six months of us living together before she started to grow distant from me creating arguments out of nothing and nowhere bringing up past issues which she couldn’t seem to let go of all the sudden to locking her phone and having secret conversations with her family in the other room were i could hear . all this time I tried doing for her as much as I could for her from remodeling her house to helping her get a reduced house payment to supporting her becoming a US citizen and her being able to bring her son to the us as a citizen . My love for her has grown to a level i never taught possible yet i felt as if no matter what i did i was loosing her , this gut feeling told me that as soon as i was done with the fixtures in the house that would be the end of our relationship, and just like that one day or should i say 7 days before my birthday she comes home and tell me to pack my stuff and get out of house and that the reason for her doing this was because she caught me trying to friend request an old acquaintance I told to leave my house for disrespecting my son and her as well . i was shocked to hear this from her i had no response for her other than,” wow this is the best you can come up with .” that day before she left to work i went into her I PAD and on her email there was this letter to a male that she works with were they both expressed their feelings for each other , so when i confronted her with this information she never cared to response or give me the respect to let me know the real truth behind her doing to me the way she did me other than bringing up the old i cheated on her in the beginning story she supposedly had forgiven me for and put behind us as I forgave her for lying to me about her husband being a room mate and her still keeping tabs with her 14 yrs ago ex fiance. So here I am trying so desperately hard to make sense of this to get my closure from it and move on but I’m stuck , i miss her so much i don’t know were to start or how to move on . I feel like this is not the end like there is still a chance for us to be together once again and happy as we once were for two years and four months in our three year relationship. I’m confused and i need some advice and guidance .

  10. Marcel

    Hmm not sure if the answer is that easy Red.. I have gone through a similar situation where my girlfriend was not accepted by my family. I did choose for my girlfriend but soon found out that my family was right about her: she turned out to be a manipulative liar, she cheated me in all aspects until finally two years later and half a million poorer my eyes opened.. Luckily my family did not cast me out..

    Being a father myself I think the father of that girl only wants to see his daughter to be happy and prosperous. He must have a reason why he does not want her to hang out with Abdulraman so I think it is valuable to try and understand his reason.



    I have a girl friend hw is in love with me,and she dont whant us to have sexal intercous unltle we get marrid,i accept what she said,and she aways provoking me some time we wl qurel i wl just tel my self that i wil never cal her again,she stil be the one that wl cal me agin and each time i saw her cal i wil not have mind to ignor the cal,i wil just fall in lov agin,the wost thing is that she dont have time to see me becous she alway stayin in her fathers shorp,and she dont what to liv me alon.pls i need ur advice


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