Get Unstuck Easily

Feeling Stuck? Is Your World Upside Down?

Do you ever feel that things in your life are routine or boring? Or that you can’t make the shifts in your life that you truly want? Maybe it’s time to reverse the way you’re viewing things in life. The Tarot card the Hanged Man or XII of the Major Arcana may be just what you need in your life. Time to evaluate your progress while taking a pause and see what new and interesting changes you might like to make. Being willing to ask yourself why things won’t or don’t change is a big step!

For instance, I would always say that I would take more time for myself to pursue my personal interests. However, I found myself doing for others and my family and then squeaking out a few hours during the week for myself. The results were that I felt tired at times, disinterested in seeing my friends and sometimes family so that I could race off to the next thing I had to do. I also started to resent the things I did for others instead of it being a joy. I was stuck! When I took time to really see what was happening and why it was happening, I realized that this pattern existed by choice, my choice, and that’s when I knew I had to reverse the way I thought.

The results… I decided to take time weekly to do anything I wished to and began scheduling time with friends and family, and most importantly time to do things I wanted by myself and for myself. Did I feel selfish? No, it was so freeing! What I realized was that I actually enjoyed my daily “to dos” because I felt joyful and rejuvenated from doing for myself.

I was the only thing holding myself back from the joys of life. The admittance that I had not been fair to myself but thinking of others as a high priority shifted into balance and I found I was no longer suspended upside down looking at things, but in reality I was being honest with myself that I was completely stuck by choice!

Was it hard to make the shift? No, I actually found it to be quite easy. Doing for myself may be as important as doing for others, and feeling personal happiness and seeing my energy levels rise, I found it to be so refreshing! So my tip to you is to honor yourself first when you feel stuck. Maybe it’s time to re-evaluate and see if this might be happening for you.

Joy, for me, means time to take that walk in nature, spend time with my friends over a meal or a glass of wine, and go shopping just for the experience. A secret of mine is that when I feel stressed I visit my favorite store and stroll through, enjoying anything that catches my eye. I call this my staycation. It’s my mini-vacation from the world for just a short time! Results: I feel a great amount of inner peace return to my life and I just relax completely.

In what ways are you not honoring your personal time? How does it feel to think about, plan, and do things for yourself? Place yourself back into balance and sync with your life so that you can move forward in your personal desires and passions. Set your world right side up, and see what happens.

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5 thoughts on “Get Unstuck Easily

  1. Ronda Forbes

    I needed this very much. I also take care of an aging parent and help take care of my granddaughter when her mother works. I love them very much but sometimes I feel very stagnant and isolated from rest of the world. I need take time out for myself even if it is just going to a favorite store or restaurant. Thanks for the extra push to get me to do this!

  2. Patty

    Thank you for that. This has been me for over a year now, as I have been care-giving for an elderly parent. I slowly began realizing I had to give to me first so that I could be there for others. Making sure to work out every day, walking or biking and doing something that just gets me away from what feels like a stagnant energy. We don’t realize how much we can take on other people’s energy that can bring us down. Especially someone who is close to end of life with alzheimers, angry and taking it out on the caregiver. The more I give to myself, the more I see that I can find alternatives for his care and slowly begin removing myself from the role.

  3. suzanne

    Thank-You for the nudge to the possitive side of my needs. It is a strange thing to consider myself before others but it makes so much sense hearing it from someone else that if I don’t do for myself first I Do Not Have It for others. Uncomfortable to say the least, I have considered myself a professional People Pleaser, but I see that the rewards for self is absolute.
    After years of self denial this almost seems like permission to be a Single Human Being instead of a usable one.
    Uni Hug.


    it`s realy helpfull to readout the way as given that how to Get Unstuck Easily.
    with regards
    rajinder pershad sharma


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