Red Responds: Cope with Difficult Family Members

Betty from Mt. Pleasant asks:

My granddaughter, Taylor, is eleven years old. Ever since she was able to talk, she would say that people were “peeking” in the windows at her even though she was on the second floor. I recently asked her if she “saw” people, and she said that she did. They also talk to her. Her mom and dad were in the room when we were talking about this, and they talked to her other grandma. Her other grandma is Baptist, and told her that they are the devil. She quoted all those Bible verses to her. Now, she is not able to talk about it because her mom and dad will punish her. Is there any advice that you can give me?

Taylor is a very mean spirited child and says whatever is on her mind – most of the time it’s not good. I’m ashamed to take her out in public, because I never know what she’s going to say. Her parents think that whatever she says is funny, so that only encourages her bad behavior. She’s always in trouble at school, and she doesn’t have any friends. I try telling my daughter that she needs to work on the behavior, but my daughter thinks that I’m the one with the problem. I don’t know where to go from here, and I really want to encourage her psychic ability. Is there anything that I can do?

Psychic Red ext. 9226 Responds:

Dear Betty,

It is very unfortunate that you are limited in what you can do to help your granddaughter. Taylor knows she is different, that she doesn’t essentially fit in and some of her resentment shows in her mean-spirited nature. This is very complicated by the fact that she is spoiled. You have very little influence, because your daughter doesn’t want to deal with these issues, and simply hopes that Taylor will grow out of this very long-lasting phase.

In order to avoid additional conflict with your family, you do have to be careful with how you handle Taylor and your daughter. While the spirits Taylor sees certainly aren’t the devil, they are real. Because Taylor isn’t allowed to discuss such things, and the family as a whole refuses to, you may want to research the Bible. In common conversation bring up some quotes or verses that back that psychics and seers were very much a part of biblical times and teachings. While some psychics had the misfortune of being stoned for revealing truths that were politically volatile, other psychics were elevated to the esteemed position of prophet. While you may not be able to truly sway anyone’s opinion, particularly Baptist Grandma, you can create a venue whereupon your granddaughter’s gifts can lightly, but more openly, be discussed.

Your granddaughter is going to be walking down a challenging road for the next several years. However, as she becomes older and more independent, she will turn to you more and more to discuss her gifts and feelings. Realistically, you are really the only one who is open to listening to her, and who truly wants to help her. She recognizes that now, but lacks the strength to open or participate in such conversations. Eventually, she will understand that her meanness and bad behavior is part of the cause of her isolation, and will begin to curb her attitude and actions on her own. Deep down, she wants to be loved and to fit in, but right now, she is enjoying the attention of being the shocking rebel.

You are also being restrained by your daughter in your ability to teach and punish this child. Because there is more trouble ahead, and some pretty wild teenage years, your daughter will also eventually come around for your guidance and assistance. She will come to see that what is “cute” and “funny” now are really signs of turmoil, stress and frustration. Taylor will end up in therapy, and that will be very embarrassing for your daughter, but a true gift to the child.

In the meantime, because you are only grandma, set your boundaries and don’t hesitate to explain them to your daughter and Taylor. With Taylor, all you can do is reaffirm to her that she can talk to you about anything, and not everything has to get back to mom and dad. While she won’t take advantage of this in the near future, eventually she will. Also, since you seem to be the only one whose not afraid to tell her no and to hold her accountable for her actions, continue to do so when appropriate. Just be prepared to face some temper fits from Taylor and your daughter. While not pleasant, the anger will pass.

It’s going to be a long journey. But, Taylor is blessed strongly with psychic abilities, and even if she tries to hide them, they aren’t likely to become completely dormant. With age, maturity and curiosity, she will learn to embrace her gifts as a part of her, and use her talents (somewhat begrudgingly) to enlighten and help others.

I feel for you. Hopefully this helps a little bit.

Wishing you lot of luck and Brightest Blessings,


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2 thoughts on “Red Responds: Cope with Difficult Family Members

  1. catie

    it would be nice if the responses were a little more diversified– I clicked on the “Coping with Difficult People” link– hoping to get some advice on dealing with a particular family member– only to find it being more work/job oriented and how to deal with difficult employees… I kept reading and then saw something closer to what I wanted: ‘Family member difficulties”–but again,the advice offered was so select and far off base from anything that would be relevant to my situation. Perhaps multi-situational advice can be included in all the response to help other people, too, who don’t identify with certain select answers

  2. Jacqueline

    Hi Red,
    I loved what you had to share about this young girl Taylor, it was great advice.
    Blessings and Big Hugs!
    Jacqueline x9472


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