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Juno from Spokane, Washington says:

I feel the presence of guardians very close to me, and when I tune into that I feel very calm, balanced, non-judgmental and at peace. However, I don’t seem to be able to hold that feeling in my heart effortlessly. What’s the block to my opening to that limitless support and guidance at all times? Why do I seem to sabotage myself on that level?

Some of my guides appear to be human, and some appear to be from different universes/planets and could be called aliens. Most of the strong heart connections I have are with animal guides, however. What does that signify? Do these different kinds of guides require different types of responses in order to hold the connection?

I think I have asked more than one question, but do you see what I am getting at? Any insight would be most appreciated. In gratitude, J

Dear Juno,

Your first question is one which plagues most evolving human beings—how do we stay spiritually in tune all the time? So far, my experience indicates that, while it’s our most important quest, we’re unlikely to achieve a state of permanent at-one-ment as long as we’re incarnated humans.

Every time we find a way to be detached and accepting regarding a particular challenge, life or the Universe seems to step up immediately with a new one. My sense is that we signed up for exactly this experience, to hold that goal in front of us while we navigate situation after situation, learning and growing each time, and in so doing we build spiritual muscle and acquire deeply anchored wisdom.

Astrologically speaking, your birth chart indicates that a steady state is not something you signed up to experience in any case, although many things in your life should calm down quite a bit now that Uranus has moved to Aries, especially if you were born earlier than 2 pm. And by the time you read this, you probably will have taken the first steps into a new cycle of opportunity and expansion after a Jupiter return.

Your feeling that different guides require different types of responses makes wonderful sense, especially in light of the staggering variety of influences surrounding you. However, rather than requiring different responses, I think what they benefit from is a different kind of hookup. Let me explain.

There’s no question that animal guides usually trigger a primal heart connection, especially for those of us who have that same kind of connection with the Earth. Human guides also use emotional or physical connections, as well as mental hookups. “Alien” guides are often most effective with a less emotional or physical connection and generally seem to work best in terms of a pure energy which is often even beyond intellectual reach. I’ve encountered vastly intelligent geometric shapes which fall in this category.

From everything I’ve seen while working with you, Juno, I’d say you’re doing great!

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