Red Responds: Can You Escape Your Karma?

Why Are Some People  Not Affected by Karma?

Betty from Mount Pleasant asks:

Why does it seem like some people are exempt from karma? I was in a five-year relationship with a guy. He cheated on me early in the relationship and lied to me about it. I tried to forgive him and then another woman said that he tried to get her to leave her husband. That was more than I could handle. I broke up with him. He started dating another woman and I got jealous. He didn’t know which one of us he wanted. He was cheating on her with me and telling me that he would get back with me if things didn’t progress with her. He ended up staying with her and breaking my heart again.

He just got married to her last week. She has lots of money and they travel all over the place. Things are going great for him. Things are not going great for me. I am having a hard time finding my soul mate. I am having a lot of bad luck. My basement flooded, I almost burned my house down with a candle, my fence broke, my car broke, and because of all the bad luck, I’m having financial issues. The guy that destroyed my life is having a great one and me, the innocent one, is barely surviving. Why is he having such a wonderful life, while I am struggling? I just don’t understand.

Psychic Red ext. 9226 Responds:

Dear Betty,

No one is exempt from karma. It just doesn’t work that way. Everyone has different levels and attributes to their personal karma. While the status of his life compares to yours may not make sense to you, you have to consider the fact that you aren’t seeing everything.

First, I want you to go back to the beginning of your relationship with this man. Be a conscious observer. While this is not an easy thing to do, it can be extremely beneficial. When the two of you got together, it wasn’t because it was love at first sight; it was because you were vulnerable and he was intriguing. Sure, the two of you have past life history and karma that connected you, but had you met him 3 to 5 years sooner or later, you never would have allowed yourself to become attached to him. You would have clearly seen through his facade. It was a combination of vulnerability, pity, curiosity, and hope that caused you to rationalize opening your heart to him. I’m not pointing the finger at you or placing all responsibility on your shoulders, I’m just trying to help you understand what you already know, but don’t necessarily want to admit. I’m also trying to say in a nice way, that this man is not your equal. If I were to be blunt and assign him a more stereotypical title, I’d label him a charming, gold-digging, selfish, self-centered player. Oh, he has a lot of good points and qualities as well, but his negative qualities are kind of blazing. I’m telling you about his bad rather than his good, primarily because he has chosen to let his issues stand rather than work through them.

Don’t worry, Betty. His life isn’t as easy or glorious as it seems. Material prosperity can really corrupt and create an emptiness and a void in the heart and soul that trips and objects can’t fill. In many ways he has chosen to create his own personal hell; he just hasn’t fully realized it yet. He will, and it won’t be easy or pretty. Having said that, I’m going to tell you to let it go. Let him go, let the frustration and pain that you associate with him go, and quit comparing his life to your life. Let go of the anger, frustration, and negativity. You are choosing to see yourself as a victim when you should be thankful that you aren’t bound to man who will never meet your expectations, never be your equal, and never love you as you deserve to be loved.

Betty, this relationship and the aftermath are just another chapter in your life. I see that things have not been easy for you, and you’ve been handed the short end of the stick several times in different arenas of your life. But I also see that you can overcome all the pain and adversity if you choose to allow yourself to. You have a very strong will, but you don’t always use it to your advantage. I know you’re tired. I know you’re hurting and frustrated. But, you have the ability to give your ex and the world the greatest “ah-ha!” of all—success and happiness. Yes, a lot of crappy things have happened to you, all in a relatively short period of time. While it may suck, you will deal with it. The financial part may be scary, but you will triumph. The emotional part is a little more challenging, because the more you ask “why,” the more confused and frustrated you become. Keep in mind energy attracts like energy and consequences.

I’m not going to tell you a fluffy tale to make you feel better. But, I will say that you are at a crossroads. You can choose your path—easy or hard. Either way, you will eventually find happiness and love. Real love. The hard way is to stay in the lower vibrations of anger and frustration, and it is a longer path. The easier way isn’t necessarily easy, but it bring you happiness and love much sooner. But, you have to decide which road you want to take. Either one leads you to the same destination, for marriage is in your future. Additionally, I do see financial success in your future, in terms of having a comfortable life. Your riches aren’t wildly over the top on the monetary side, but  anything you lack that only money can buy, you won’t notice or even care about.

I hope you will call any of us here at California Psychics because I see that it will help you find your way. Please look through the site or ask a Customer Service representative if you are unsure, because your new life—with a little direction—can start as early as today.

Brightest Blessings,


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9 thoughts on “Red Responds: Can You Escape Your Karma?

  1. Nancy

    It was good to read what you all have shared..I am too recovering from a mess..The red flags were out there ..BUT..I did not pay attention :(..Thus a lot of tears ..fears..HURT…and more..My devotion..faithfullness to this one man..for two plus years really socked it to me to say the least…and wow how sick I may have been when this man would give your soul for me wouldn’t you..and I said yes..How scarey is that..I thank the powers that be for protecting me from that…Now it is onward and forward to a better way of living with the tuff lessons learned in that sick relationship..Love ..peace and light to all..<3

  2. Chandi

    Reading Psychic Red’s answers and the comments of all, I realize that there are lots of people out with similar issues. I take heart from most of the advice Red gives. Nevertheless, I tend to agree with JT, there are many a time I ask myself to.. why did I do or not do to go through never-ending heartaches.

  3. marc from the uk

    Message for Sue ! Things will slowly lose there shine in this relationship your x is having, more so the sex! They say we always imagine as the injured party that they are having a better time than they actually are! stay strong . And next time your man say’s he wants three in a bed tell him no worries, can you choose the hunk not him !!!

  4. J T

    Dear Psychic Red,

    After reading this story from Betty, I was pulled in by the similarities of our stories. I most definitely can relate to her pain. I am more impressed with the way you chose to answer her. I do believe that tippy toeing around would not benefit her. Although I have struggled at times with my own life, the path that I was put on in the spiritual aspect is worth more to me than any amount of riches here on earth. But it is still tough when you have been burned to not wonder, “what did I do to deserve this”. Her personal power needs to kick in and then she will be grateful for the new path she is on. I now have a new mantra…I will not settle for less than I deserve. Have standards and to not put a man on a peddle stool, unless there is room next to yourself!

  5. doris mersey

    this reading opened my eyes ,that you gave to Betty , alittle just as my situation , right now , ,i need too let go , and move on ,hope doesn’t make it right , it takes your energy away ,so thanks ,this reading hers did me good -thanks .

  6. Sue

    Does this mean that, even though I am only hearing murmorings of how my ex (married 31 years) has discovered his new lady-love is a gold digger and that in spite of his unquenchable lust for sex with someone else, has discovered what he had with me wasn’t as bad as what he complained of (just because I wouldn’t allow another woman in our bed WITH us), because now he tells others sex with HER is bad. Is he now reaping that which he has sewn?

  7. Julie

    Dear Red, this article was right on target!!!! I too was once just as frustrated but it was I who was contributing to my own misery… My constant negativity and asking the whys and what ifs kept in a state of playing the victim rather than moving forward…. My best advice to her is to look at what you have ( friends family health ) and practice gratitude . Learn to be happy with you first.. After 4 years of suffering and learning the hard way, my focus and change of thinking have allowed my life to calm, spirits to lift, love came out of nowhere which was followed by peace and happiness!!! I used to envy my ex now I really hardly think of him and when I do I feel bad actually.
    Thank you and good luck to your writer.

  8. Sonia

    In so many ways, Betty you remind me of myself, I can totally understand your anger and frustration…When your in a pile of manure and all your senses are covered by crap it is really hard to see the light. But you know sometimes just saying that God/Universe/Divine’s plan are bigger than my dreams is the only hope one has… When in doubt breathe, when sad breathe, just breathe and take a moment. I would have been long gone had I not learned to just stop and tell myself “it gets better”
    Hang in there sister, times are hard, people are harder to deal with, the world is a hard place to live in…but dare to persevere 🙂

    Good luck to you and everyone going thru such hard times xoxo

  9. Christina

    Thanks for this Red. My husband and I have been separated for four and a half years and I received finaly confirmation that my husband has been involved with his coworker for the entire separation. He has never confessed the affair to me and I suspect they were involved long before he walked out; he still doesn’t know that I know. Their life with her 10 year old son looks so peachy – she has the life I dreamed of. We never had children and I am close to 40. I wasted the last 4.5 years waiting for this guy to come back and finally got up the nerve to file for divorce a few weeks ago. I have been faithful my entire marriage – even in separation. I am in counseling to get healthy and am doing well; I hope karma has a good life in store for me and likewise, I hope my husband and his adulteress reap what they sow for all the lies and deception and pain they have caused me and my family. Blessings Red. . .again thanks for the post.


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