Quit Your Job and Start Living

Reclaim Your Soul

When the economy is poor some people tend to stay in a job that is not good for them, rather than risk having no job at all. For example, Jennifer was working in a professional position for a huge corporation. The company offered health insurance and a retirement savings plan, as well as a pension after a certain number of years. But in exchange for these so-called benefits, she basically surrendered her soul. With each passing year of her employment, she felt that the corporation was controlling her life. From the company tracking every Web site she visited on her computer to being forced to attend meetings that made her miss her children’s birthdays or school events, Jennifer felt her life force draining from her. It wasn’t easy to let go of the job security, but eventually she did quit. Because losing herself was worse than losing a paycheck.

Endings Lead to Beginnings

If you have been longing to start your own business or change to a job that is more meaningful to you, the only way you can pursue your new life is to eventually quit the job that is holding you back.

But that doesn’t mean quit without a plan. If you can manage to go on job interviews or start your business on a smaller scale while still in your present job, then get those wheels turning. However, if your new venture requires all out quitting your current position, then be sure to have at least several months of income saved to live off of until your next source of income is established.

Talk to other people who are already doing the type of work that you aspire to do. Ask how long it took them to get going and at what point they quit their previous job. Find out what they might do differently if they could do it over. Learn from other people’s experiences before taking the plunge.

Letting Go of the Job Security Blanket

After you’ve done your research and saved enough money to sustain yourself during the transition, go ahead and give notice to your boss. Psychic Gina Rose ext. 9500 reminds us, “The only regrets you will have towards the end of your life are the things you never tried.”

It might not be easy at first, but the liberation you feel after leaving the job that sucked the life out of you will help fuel your courage. Keep visualizing your goal; see yourself being successful and happy at your new venture. Psychic Amelia ext. 9772 advises that you keep in mind that “We have the power within ourselves to make what we want to happen come to us.”

You’re Not Alone

Of all job separations, about half are voluntary. So you’re not the only person letting go of a job to start anew. And many people who quit their jobs are happy with their decision. To find out if it’s time for you to quit your job and start living, call one of our helpful psychics today to see what opportunities your future holds.

3 thoughts on “Quit Your Job and Start Living

  1. Gina Rose ext.9500

    You won’t be happy until you let go of your fear and set yourself free to go and do what you REALLY want to do.

    I enjoyed this article, Theresa, good job!

  2. marc from the uk

    I am going through the transition of changing careers, it’s been tough, the hardest part was acepting change was coming and leaving a DULL comfort zone! But the wheels have turned and there is no going back now. Ad I am excited!


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