Red Responds: Why is He Waiting to File for Divorce?

Tina in Antelope writes:

My husband of 27 years committed adultery in 2004. He still has yet to file for a divorce. We talk off and on and rarely does the divorce subject come up. I want him to file and get it over with but there is always a reason. My financial situation is terrible right now as I have been struggling since his unemployment. Is there ever going to be a happy medium?
Dear Tina,

If you really want to get divorced, you are going to have to make it happen. Left up to your husband, things will just continue to go along as they have been. You can take the initiative, and start the divorce process on your own, or you need to harp and badger this man into momentum. Not talking about your situation is almost as good as saying you accept things as they are, and that approach can easily keep you married for another six or more years.

Even though your husband will find a job before the end of the year, things are going to remain pretty tight for you financially. It looks as if you will have your financial world under control at roughly this time next year, but there will still be limitations that keep you on a fairly strict budget.

Things will get better for you, but only because you decide to start pushing for what you want and need rather than continuing to try and wait until things change. Very often, what you don’t do has just as much influence on how the future unfolds, as what actions you do take. I know you don’t necessarily want to make waves, but if you want to be happy and free, you are going to have to risk creating the turbulence of change.

I hope this helps you.
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