Cool Colors in Dreams

Cool colors consist of the blues, greens, and violets. They are the colors that make us feel calm, relaxed, like a cool breeze blowing over us.

In dream interpretation we can use the following examples as guides to interpreting the cool colors. But remember, always, that every symbol in a dream (of whatever color) must be interpreted first through our personal layers. And secondly, that every symbol is relative to every other symbol, similar to interpreting cards in a spread.

OK, let’s now explore the cool colors and their meanings in dreams.

Blue. Calmness, spirituality, heaven, truth, wisdom, eternity, spirituality. Dreaming of blue can indicate acceptance of your present situation. In a play on words, blue can indicate the dreamer is “feeling blue.” Another play on words can indicate “true blue,” or loyalty and devotion.

Deep rich blue. Awakened spirituality. Could mean a person who has found their life’s work or spiritual goals.

Light blue. A beginner, a novice on the religious or spiritual path. Someone just starting to develop spiritual qualities.

Blue green. Combines healing power of green, and the spirituality of blue. This color could indicate a spiritual teacher or healer.

Blue violet. Very high spiritual aspirations. Someone trustworthy and peaceful by nature.

Blue gray. Some fear associated with religious feelings.

Muddy blue. Negativity and depression surrounding spiritual aspirations. Could indicate someone who is emotionally feeling “blue,” or someone having “the blues.”

Green. This color is associated with nature, and spring time, healing. Natural healers are associated with the color green. So dreaming of green can mean new beginnings, rebirth, or resurrection. Dream messages also frequently involve plays on words. So this color could indicate getting the “green light” to do something.

Dark green. Maturity, mellowing, filled with wisdom, compassion, patience, grace.

Light green. New growth, healing, youth, healthy, vitality, the exuberance of youth.

Pale green. Sympathy or immaturity.

Blue green. Trustworthy, devoted, could indicate a spiritual teacher.

Brownish green. Materialism, greed.

Gray green. Envy, possibly deceit, fear.

Moss green. Maturity, wisdom and patience.

Olive drab green. Dullness, sameness, routine. Associated with work uniforms, could mean the uniformity of attitude.

Yellow green. Deceit, cowardice, could indicate a liar.

Purple. The darker shade is associated with royalty, while the lighter shade is associated with penance. In general, purple means an introspective look at oneself. So, depending on shade, discover if you see yourself as a queen or if you are feeling the need to punish yourself.

Pale purple. Undeveloped feelings of spirituality. A promise of things to come.

Deep purple. Oneness with the Creator. Deep devotion, love and wisdom, powerful healing abilities, great spiritual powers.

Violet. High spirituality, devotion, religious aspirations. Could mean the dreamer feels a sense of peace with her or himself.

Pinkish lavender. Beginning feelings of spiritual love, affection, tenderness, devotion, gentleness. Not fully developed feelings.

So we learn that colors really show our emotional states at the time of our dreams. Colors have such a strong influence on us, that their names have entered our language through the use of such phrases as “green with envy,” “seeing red,” or “having the blues,” among others.

Suggestion: When recording your dreams, take out your pastels or watercolors and put colors into them, for an added layer of meaning.

8 thoughts on “Cool Colors in Dreams

  1. Linda

    Dreams are great-before I lay to sleep, I meditate I always see violet-with stars behind it. When I dream I am flying;;;that is when my mind solves problems for friends or others, it’s great.

  2. nrusingh ojha

    ur massage also true i see green calouer but u say it is ur nagative energay, so i thinghing how can possible it possitive,it is aquestion for me,also i gradully positive,thank u

  3. Jen

    I recently had a dream that my sister had died but come back to my life as a ghost or a angel. At that time my mom and dad was buying things for our new house which seemed smaller to my old house, but I showed my “imaginary” sister around and wen my mom bought the bathroom curtains, it was like a moss green color and I just remember her syaing that she loved the color, how it went so nice with out white sink and bathtub. I walked to my room window and saw that people were walking on the streets on the same level that I was. I liked this but was a bit scared that now they might see me. Maybe I had this dream because I was listening to a song that night before I slept called Tears in Heaven by Eric Clapton.

    I not sure if this was the only colored dream I had, but I also remember having a dream a long time ago that my dad was being tortured by needles and my family who was in the same room with my dad and his torturers,we weren’t able to do anything. I was crying really hard at that time. I just remember being in a really dark room. Probably a few months after, I had a dream that my mom was killed, I think maybe from a car crash. My dad, and my sister and I was really sad, we didn’t really have a strong connection anymore.

    But having these dreams makes me feel really scared to know that they were in danger and even death in my dreams. Is there something wrong? Maybe I dreamed about them because my birthday is in January and theirs are all in the summer, June, July, and August. I constantly feel the difference between our personalities and it saddens me when they don’t understand my point of view.

  4. Psychic Jacqueline x9472

    Jacqueline x9472 said to Ariel,
    What fascinating information, I will print this off and keep it handy, up to this point haven’t gave it much thought to color and connection to dreams, much to think about!
    Blessings, Hugs and Hearts,
    Jacqueline x9472

  5. Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Ariel,
    Thank You, Ariel…..These are very helpful……I printed out this article and the other articles you posted on colors…..I’m painting my house soon ( interior),.. and will use the articles to help pick out the color schemes for mood/ambiance.
    I will let you know what colors I choose.
    Have a great week….
    Blessed Be )O(…Gina Rose ext.9500

  6. Miss Krystal ext. 9192

    I truly believe (my opinion) that if you can see colors in your dreams, you may be psychic. It appears, from all of my observations, (I can’t put a “stamp” on it, I am not a scientist) I feel there could be a “psychic link” to seeing colors in dreams. Every psychic I ever met and asked, they all said they could see colors in dreams.
    Well, food for thought…
    Miss Krystal


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