Red Responds: Demons in the House

Michele in Jenison writes:

My son and his wife told us a year ago that because we have demons in our house due to the fact that we no longer follow a Christian path and have books on Buddhism and other faiths, that we were not welcome in their home – they were not comfortable in ours and that we could not see our grandboys unsupervised.

Our relationship is severed and in retrospect even when we were “acceptable” we were disrespected and kept at arms length. Our intuition is that they are concealing something about themselves that they don’t want revealed and they are scapegoating us. Do you have any insight?

Dear Michele,

Even though one of the greatest teachings of most forms of faith is the message of love, not every follower gets it. Unfortunately, your daughter-in-law has her own take on Christianity, and that doesn’t necessarily include tolerance for anyone who believes differently.

Your son loves his wife very much, and she has a great deal of influence over him. Honestly, there are some arenas of life that she is quite uncompromising – and her faith is one of them. So, rather than fight her on this, he chose to fall in line. She is a woman of many extremes…

There really isn’t some deep, dark secret that they are trying to hide, they are just following their understanding of righteous living. Because you are more open-minded when it comes to spirituality and religion, there is the theory that you will “taint” your grandchildren – steering them away from what your son and his wife believe to be the only true path. They believe they are doing the right thing, and are teaching their children to follow in their beliefs.

I know you raised your son to be his own man, and to be a good man. He is. But, under the influence of love, he has made some choices that he believes to be honorable, even though they are painful to you. The disrespect he has shown you was not intentionally malicious, only a reflection of what he believes to be right and in line with the life, and path, that he has chosen.

I’m sorry that all of this has caused a rift in your family, and separated you from your grandchildren. In time, your grandchildren will find their own way, and that process will lead your son back to you.

PS: I’m not seeing demons, or any evil energy or entities in your home. Quite the opposite – it seems like a place of love and light!

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