DreamCast: A Teenager Again

I’ve really been enjoying the recent articles. One in particular on dreams really caught my attention, and I thought you could tell me the significance of the recurring dreams I keep having about my past when I was a teen. The dreams have shown me looking for a former boyfriend, being in a town that I lived in, and going back to an apartment my mom and I lived in. I even dreamed about riding on a school bus.


Lynn in Lancaster

Hello Lynn,

Do you feel stuck in the past? The dreams are reviewing your teen years to help you work through emotional issues from that time period. Did you have any aspirations when you were a teenager that have slipped away, but perhaps need to be renewed? Or perhaps there were things that happened to you that led you to believe certain things about yourself and about life in general. These beliefs may be keeping you from realizing your talents and getting what you want. Your dreams can help you look inward to see what attitudes and beliefs need to be eliminated so you can move forward. Best of luck!

Sweet dreams,

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