Red Responds: What’s New in Colorado?

Kathy in San Jose writes:

I lost my job at a high-end spa early in February 2009. I’m a massage therapist. I have yet to find another job in any field. I plan to move to Colorado at the end of this year. Do you see me staying in massage or is there another career for me? Can you tell me what kind of work I will be doing in Colorado? I feel kind of lost since I lost my job and haven’t been able to find a new one. I am 59 years old and massage is hard work, but it is also rewarding when you help someone. Thanks for all the help you give to everyone.

Dear Kathy,

Things are going to be a bit challenging for you as far as the job prospects go, especially in the massage field. There just don’t seem to be many openings for massage therapists that are within reasonable driving distance from you. However, there will be an opportunity for you to work as a receptionist in what looks like a dental office or chiropractic clinic sometime in mid to late June. While it may not be a career move that has you jumping for joy, it is a pleasant atmosphere and gives you something to do.

After you relocate to Colorado, the doors will open for you to put your massage skills to good use once again. I see you splitting your time between what appears to be a hotel spa, and a more clinical setting. You will be giving massages at both places, but it seems as if each position is part-time or limited hours, rather than full time with the steady client flow. However, you will do okay, and will financially be able to hold your own.

Eventually you will find your home at a mid-level, spiritually based day spa, and will have some private clientele of your own. I also see you taking classes or training, so if you have yet to consider adding acupuncture to your repertoire, your curiosity will eventually get the better of you!

Things may seem a bit down and senseless now, but this is a very transitional period for you. Sometimes, what appears to be a setback is what propels us to move forward. Do what you can to keep your spirits up, because everything will work out quite nicely for you in the end.

Good luck!
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