DreamCast: Sharing a Couch With Grandpa

My grandfather died in 1995, and it really shook me. He was the first person that I truly loved that I lost by death. A few months later I had a dream about him. I went up in this escalator, into a stark white room with a gentle breeze. In this room there was only a couch and a picture on the wall. I sat down on the couch and then my Grandpa appeared. He told me things that I wouldn’t be able to know, and told me everything was going to be okay. Was this really a visit from him or was it just a way my mind used to help me through his passing away?


Becky in Ogden, Utah

Hello Becky,

I believe you actually connected with your grandfather. It’s not uncommon for those we love to give us messages of love and hope after they’ve crossed over. Actually, your dream can be interpreted symbolically as well. Riding upward in the elevator symbolizes your trip to higher spiritual realms where your grandfather resides. The stark white room and the gentle breeze have a pristinely spiritual aura as well. It makes me wonder if “visitation rooms” exist where we can visit people on the other side.

I’m sorry you lost your grandfather, but at least you know he’s alive and well on another dimension and still connected to you through love.

Sweet dreams,


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