Red Responds: Should She Move Back East?

Shawna in Los Angeles writes:

I feel like I have hit a dead end in the romance department here in Los Angeles and I’m seriously considering moving back East. Instinctually, I feel like my soul partner is not here. But, I also feel like there is unfinished business with an ex-boyfriend, especially one that keeps circling my orbit, making his presence known and this is making it difficult for me to move forward. What do you see? Will I need to move to attract a life partner? Or am I just trying to escape past hurts and disappointments?

Dear Shawna,

Sometimes logistical changes can change everything, but moving doesn’t seem to be your answer. While going back East is definitely an obtainable option for you, it isn’t a quick fix. You seem to be going through a transitional period that has to run its course before your partner will appear. Unfortunately, the Universe is doing what she can to buy you time and keep your love unions at bay.

The only movement you need to create in order to draw in your life-partner is personal, not logistical. You do need to clear up and let go of past relationship ties before you are free and clear to move forward. Don’t be afraid to completely release your ex. The only challenges his energy create for you are the challenges you permit. There still is an element of love there, but there isn’t enough cooperation at this point for a full out reunion or union. It is time for you to let him go.

If you want to start over again on the East coast, make it a fresh start. This would be an opportunity to reinvent yourself and change your path. However, you do have the ability to create the same level of changes right where you are. This is an evolutionary period for you, one you are supposed to embrace in order to create the life and lifestyle you want, which means breaking down some of your more familiar patterns.

You feel as if your soul partner is not around you because he isn’t. At least, not yet. It is more of a timing issue that is tied to your personal growth than anything else. You’ve got yourself stuck in a bit of a rut. I know you are tired of being strong and moving forward in spite of adversity, but you don’t have much of a choice at the moment. The old hurts and frustrations that you would like to escape will be with you, wherever you go, until you choose to release them.

I don’t see you moving in the near future, but there is going to be a lot of movement around you in the coming year. Your career is going to evolve, your “style” is going to change, and your circle of friends is going to expand. While there are emotional ups-and-downs that come with all of these changes, understand that it is all part of your personal metamorphosis. Loneliness is going to be replaced by a sense of freedom, and that is the energy that draws your soulmate to you. It doesn’t matter what coast you’re on – as you change, so does the world, and the people who surround you.

Good luck!
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