Red Responds: Is Her House Making Her Career Stagnant?

Elaine in Singapore writes:

I have been staying in this house for almost 10 years and after moving in, a feng shui master told me that it is not auspicious to me and my husband, which I believe. Ever since I’ve been here, my career has been stagnant. I am working in the hospitality industry and have been holding this position for as long as I’ve been in this house. I was born July 1, 1963. Do you see me getting a promotion in the near future and also will I sell the house? Will I be able to get a suitable home for my family and I?

Dear Elaine,

I must confess, feng shui is something I have no knowledge or familiarity with, so you will have to decipher some of this answer. Unfortunately, being psychic doesn’t mean I always understand what I’m talking about, so hopefully I can relay the information that I receive in a way that it will at least make sense to you.

Here goes: The feng shui master was right. There is something with the window placement and room direction that isn’t conducive to you and your husband’s energy. It is almost as if the house is somehow “backward” to you, and this has disrupted positive energy flow. There is also something you need to do with mirrors. I don’t know if it’s hang up, take down, or move them – but I keep seeing octagonal mirrors and a bowl filled with rocks and water. I believe this to be relative to your family or living room. Since I have no skill or knowledge in this arena, I strongly suggest you call a professional or confer with someone who has a good reputation for shifting energy and circumstance through feng shui. (Please let me know if any of that made sense to you!)

While your career stagnation may be intertwined with the energy of your home, your biggest challenge seems to be more with the company you work for. It is as if you simply don’t stand out. While no one is unhappy with you or your work, you aren’t calling attention to yourself in a manner that is likely to be rewarded by a promotion through your efforts. I do see that you will receive a slight pay raise and more responsibility before November, I am not seeing a change of title within the next six months.

Your house will sell, most likely at the turn of the year. (I think your feng shui consultant has something to do with that!) It looks as if you will have no problems finding another house – one that you love and is positively arranged and constructed for the betterment of your family and dreams. After you are settled in, sometime in March, you will have the option of advancing your career, but a choice will have to be made. Your current employer will promote you, but it is because you will find an opportunity with another company. Either avenue looks solid for you, so there is no “bad” decision. What it boils down to is do you want to stay where you are at, or venture into a work arena less familiar and new?

Good luck!
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