An Unlikely Soulmate

When a caller has a string of psychic successes with a particular intuitive they often choose to read with them exclusively. Psychic, Astrologer and Tarot reader Julia ext. 9131 had helped a corporate attorney with solid financial advice and some surprising news of a promotion in the past. As a result, the Clairvoyant was the first person he thought to call when he found himself on a path to self-destruction. But this time, his issue was love.

As Julia connected with David (not his real name) intuitively, she knew he had changed drastically since their last reading. Unshaven and pounds heavier, he was medicating his pain with alcohol. He felt sure that his Aquarius wife, who had a history of leaving home every now and then to “take a sabbatical from “marriage and the kids,” had left to test out a budding relationship with the next door neighbor! David was humiliated. “My wife says they’re just friends… are they lovers?” he asked, his voice breaking with emotion.

“She is seeing him, but it’s not sexual yet,” she responded, adding that it appeared that it was heading in that direction. David was angry, but he said he wanted his wife back. He was also deeply embarrassed. A fellow attorney had dropped by his home to do a deposition and had seen him in his awful state. “The place was a mess, the kids were ignoring me, I haven’t had a shower, the bell rings and there is this drop dead gorgeous woman at my door… so I called right after she left.”

“I see you getting involved in something spiritual, be open to it,” Julia advised, adding that it might be just what he would need to get through his problems.

David called back the following week. “Remember you suggested that I try something spiritual to get back on my feet? The attorney who took my deposition just asked me to go to church with her. I ran into her at the courthouse, so I’m thinking about it… but the bad news is my wife wants a divorce.”

“She will try to come back,” Julia said checking into her tools of Vedic Astrology and Numerology. “You’ve worked hard on the marriage over the years… but you are at a time of new beginnings,” she explained, as his birthday had fallen on a New Moon.

David was hoping that the changes and beginnings would revolve around his marriage. Before they hung up, Julia told the sentimental Cancer, whom she knew would have problems letting go of the past, that he saw him walking dogs with a woman.

“We only have one dog,” he said as his minutes ran out.

Six weeks later David called Julia with the news that he had been attending church with Eleanor, the attorney, and “surprise, surprise she has a dog,” he reported with great amusement. We’ve been taking them with us on walks and rides after services… I’m teaching her how to drive my Corvette. It’s strictly friendship, but I am beginning to have feelings for her…” he trailed off.

Julia asked David to repeat Eleanor’s name several times to allow her to tune into his new friend more precisely.

“She has feelings for you, but you’re going through a divorce. “There’s someone else who is interested in her… She wants to get married and have a family and you’re not looking all that promising.”

You’re right about all of that, except she doesn’t have feelings for me – she’s blatant about that. I’m really not a very attractive man, she looks like a model… she can have any guy she wants. I come with kids, and an ex-wife. She talks to this guy Smith, who has it all together, but he’s in Indonesia until next spring.”

“She’s testing you, with this man to see if you’re interested in her. Are you dating other women?” Julia asked knowing he was meeting woman on the Internet.

“Well, yeah, why not?” he responded hesitantly. “I’m trying to make my wife jealous, so she’ll come back.”

“Eleanor is interested in you. If you want the friendship to grow, cut it out. Clear the playing field. Let her know you are sincere. She doesn’t trust that you’re interested, either.”

By early fall, the psychic reports, the couple were actually dating. David’s wife had pleaded to come back as predicted. He realized that the marriage had faded years ago and he was now deeply in love with Eleanor. With that knowledge, and the condition that sex would only come after his divorce, she agreed to date him. But the other guy vying for her attention was still in the picture, David reported to his psychic.

“You’re going to have to let her know how you feel, before he returns. She wants to know that you want to get married or she’ll move on,” Julia picked up repeatedly as his divorce was in progress.

David went beyond Julia’s advice and gave his new love a sapphire and diamond promise ring on New Year’s Eve. Eleanor, shocked, excited, in tears and laughing, told David she would marry him the minute he was free.

“That’s the best success story of my year!” Julia says proudly. David called me last week to say that they had just returned from their honeymoon.

“So this is what that soulmate stuff is all about!” he stated happily.

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