DreamCast: A Helicopter Gets Shot Down

Jean in Calistoga writes:

I was at my office in San Francisco – looking out our plate glass window – we’re on the top floor with a beautiful view. All of a sudden I heard this engine gear-down outside the panoramic glass windows. I thought it was a plane (reminiscent of 9/11) but upon closer inspection, it was a very large helicopter (not military – very fancy). Others and I looked out in horror and saw it starting to fishtail downward. Then we could see this spray of bullets coming up toward the helicopter (like spotlights) from the street below. I never felt in danger – I wondered for a split second if the helicopter would hit our windows, but never thought it would harm me. I was simply horrified at what I was witnessing. Others were around – not sure who except one of the owners of my company.

Dear Jean,
That is a most intriguing dream! I wonder if this one is a commentary on the economy (did you have any conversations about the economic downturn earlier in the day)? People living “fancy” (helicopter) lifestyles – which perhaps they can’t afford – will be “shot down” by the “bullets” of escalating prices, recession, etc. Your dream is telling you that your job, however, is safe. Then again, if you see a helicopter going down outside your window, then that’s another kind of dream entirely.

Sweet dreams!

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