Red Responds: Starting Rumors

Debbie and Jamie in Trenton, MI

I work for a huge corporation and lately I’ve been kinda worried about the main boss of our department. She seems a little quiet. All of us think she’s great as a boss and at her job and we’re really hoping that she’s not looking for another one. What’s up? There isn’t anyone we can ask without starting rumors.

Dear Debbie and Jamie,

Your boss seems like she is frustrated and a bit burned out. There is a lot of tension and pressure that comes with her job, and it seems as if she’s been running strong for quite some time now. She’s tired, and feeling a bit beaten.

Whatever structure changes that have taken place in the past three months or so have also taken their toll on her. It seems to your boss that the original purpose or vision has changed. Some things that were supposed to develop have been altered or put on hold, and she also seems to have inherited some additional responsibilities. In general, she is feeling stretched a bit thin and a bit underappreciated for the work and dedication she has shown.

While your boss still has passion for the job and attachment to her people, she seems to be struggling with how things are going to unfold. There are some unanswered issues weighing on her, possibly having to do with her own place and standing in the company. Because of this, she is looking at other opportunities and weighing her options. Overall, she seems to be feeling as if her time with the company is coming to an end, one way or the other.

September looks as if it is going to be the deciding month. If the company steps up, your boss will stay…at least for a while.

Hope that helps,
Ext. 9226

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