DreamCast: A Warrior Spirit

I dreamt a warrior spirit came into my apartment through an archway in the wall he formed with his sword. He was jumping around showing his prowess. I told him to go away, that I was scared and he came over to my bed and hovered over me. I could see his face so vividly (no one I know) and he was covered in soot and trying to put a black pillow over my face so he could kill me and take me with him. I struggled with him and I woke up and could not breathe for a while. I have been anxious and sad lately but this dream terrified me. Can you tell me what it means?

Marie in Los Angeles

Hello Marie,

An intriguing dream! Of course, there’s always the possibility that you had a visitation from a particularly determined spirit who desired your company – permanently. But I will assume the dream was symbolic and that you’ve just met your inner warrior. “He” obviously wants to get a rise out of you, perhaps to get you to act. Is your state of mind making you listless or overly regimented? Is there a goal you need to go after? Your warrior has a wild quality that can energize your creative gifts – and motivate you to use them. Or perhaps you need to stand up for yourself if people regularly take advantage of you. In any case, you can access this dynamic part of youself to go after what you want. This fighting spirit is your ally – use it to your advantage!

Sweet dreams,

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