The Dalai Lama’s Astrology

If you look closely at the Dalai Lama’s astrological chart, you see the destiny of a great spiritual leader written in the stars. The planetary alignment of his birth chart makes it clear as to why he has the ability to touch the minds and hearts of people all over the world – making him perhaps the most influential spiritual leader of our time.

The Dalai Lama’s teachings help us all to look closely at our own assumptions about love and violence – for that, his existence is a gift to all humanity. 

All of our astrological charts are a snapshot into our destiny, our challenges, our relationships and our personality traits. As for His Holiness the Dalai Lama, he has tried to distance himself from any violence in his exiled homeland of Tibet as it is completely at odds with his peace-loving Buddhist principles. Yet he continues to be challenged. So what is going on in his chart to explain this? The heavy hand of transiting Saturn, of course…

Neptune‘s emissary
Born on July 6, 1935, the 14th Dalai Lama has Sun and ascendant in Cancer, the sign of home and family. It’s his destiny, then, to live a life that’s focused on issues surrounding his homeland, starting with his exile from Tibet at age 23. Moreover, His Holiness has Moon conjunct Neptune in Virgo. The Moon represents family, Virgo rules service, and Neptune is all about sacrifice, compassion and spirituality. Most important, Neptune’s “we are all one” message is the foundation of Buddhism. Put this all together and we see that the Dalai Lama’s destiny involves the sacrifice (Neptune) of his home (Moon) in the service (Virgo) to his people – to all people – by taking his message of peace, compassion and oneness out into the world.

Speaking his truth
Currently, transiting Saturn in Virgo is weighing heavily on the 72-year-old. Saturn is the karmic planet that rules hardship and discipline. Needless to say, it can be an extremely stressful influence. In the Dalai Lama’s case, transiting Saturn is conjunct the Moon-Neptune aspect in his chart, pressuring him to take a stronger stand in the conflict with China. And because this influence is taking place in his third house of communications, talks with Chinese officials will be stymied and frustrating. But Saturn also rules accomplishment, so these talks may ultimately create a stronger foundation from which to negotiate Tibet’s freedom.

Karmic path revealed
The Dalai Lama’s karma is revealed by Saturn in Pisces in his chart. What’s more, Neptune rules Pisces (see the pattern here?). This Saturn placement points to his destiny as a spiritual role model in this lifetime, especially since Saturn is placed in the 9th house of religion. Strengthening his faith and empathy is a grand water-trine involving Sun in Cancer, Jupiter in Scorpio and Saturn in Pisces. This is why he has the ability to endear himself (and his cause) to so many people around the world. It is also why his is a universal symbol of compassion.

Give peace a chance
Here comes transiting Saturn again – it’s opposing the Dalai Lama’s own Saturn and putting additional pressure on him to speak out against the rising violence. It’s also testing his Buddhist belief that peace is the only way forward (this test is for all of the warmongers out there, rather than for His Holiness, undoubtedly). Transiting Saturn will be an especially potent force in his chart through October 2008. Perhaps by then the crisis will have passed for him – at least temporarily.

The Dalai Lama has said that Tibetans need to view their Chinese rulers as neighbors, not as enemies. Interestingly, more and more Chinese are embracing Buddhism, so perhaps this coming together of cultures will eventually result in a harmonious resolution for all involved.

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