Red Responds: Why So Many Tornadoes?

Karin in Kansas City writes:

I feel the Universe is sending messages to me, but I’m not exactly sure what they mean. In 2000 or 2001, a tornado passed about 1 mile south of my house. In May 2003, a tornado hit a subdivision about 1/4 mile south of my brother-in-law’s house while we were there for his son’s party. A few days ago, a “mini tornado” (whatever that is) touched down on the other side of the freeway from my house. They keep getting closer which makes me very nervous and curious about the reason(s). Any insights you have about my situation would be greatly appreciated!

Dear Karin,

I don’t believe the Universe is trying to tell you anything via tornado, it is more along the lines of Mother Nature flexing her not inconsiderable muscles. There is no deeper meaning hidden amongst the destructive winds – it boils down to the area in which you live. Both Kansas City, Kansas and Missouri do fall in a region that has been nicknamed “Tornado Alley.”

I’m no meteorologist, but it is my understanding that tornados can more or less pop up anywhere, at any time, provided certain weather conditions are met. Certain seasons are more likely to produce tornadoes because of the weather patterns. Some areas are more apt to experience tornados than other areas, due to weather patterns and the lay of the land. While tornadoes can (and do) form in a mountainous region or city, they are more prominent in areas where the lay of the land is flat or has only gentle hills.

If you go to, you will find a map that illustrates tornado frequency in the United States. You may find this information helpful, as well as reassuring that you are not being targeted. Just be thankful that the Universe is looking out for you – while tornadoes do seem to touch down by you, you haven’t been a victim of the devastation tornadoes can bring.

Good luck!
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