As Good As It Gets

Okay, so you’re not totally clueless, but sometimes you wonder, somewhat philosophically, if you’ll ever reach that pinnacle in life where you can ecstatically call out, “This is it!” where you’re living the life you always dreamed of.

Or, perhaps, like the song says, Is that all there is? Disillusionment may have glommed onto the coattails of your greatest successes be it a new job, new baby, new house or new love – leaving you ruminating over the fact that life never quite goes your way.

Sure you can blame it on your personal perspective… that whole glass half full vs. half empty point of view. Or perhaps you’re pointing the finger at karma, some form of spiritual malaise, or a fatal flaw in The Secret, since life just won’t turn out the way you envision it. For those who honestly believe your dreams are not coming true, we asked our California Psychics: How do we know when life is as good as it gets?

The overwhelming response is… When we “live in the present,” “love ourselves” and “appreciate life for all that it is” right now – just the way things are. “The good life comes with the understanding that the responsibility for living it lies within us,” tells Reed ext. 5105. Decide to enjoy life now, before that new job comes through, before you get an apology from your mate or you pay off your credit card debt. “It happens when you are not living at the mercy of other people or circumstances, when you take charge of your own happiness and understand that you do have some control over your life.”

“Sincerely embrace the simple truth in life… that life is what you make it. Use your power to be the best you can be, and make your life the best you can make it on a daily basis,” TeriLynn ext. 9625 suggests.

But what if you’re one of those people who feels like you start each day out on the wrong foot? “Give situations a positive spin,” suggests Amanda ext. 9538 as one way to learn to appreciate the life you have. “Don’t allow the lack of a romantic relationship, for instance, to determine whether or not your life is turning out well.”

Just as the Rolling Stones’ song points out, “You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes you might find, you get what you need,” our lives rarely turn out to be exactly what we envision,” counsels Jonathan ext. 9601. “Every choice in life affects where we are right now. A fear of change can be the culprit that keeps us from being exactly where we thought we’d be. Be your best you and your life will ultimately be better – maybe not what you had imagined… but what you need!”

Then there’s the fact that the universe doesn’t always work on our personal timetable, Althea ext. 9582 points out. “Sometimes we want things to be so immediate that we don’t allow destiny enough time to work out our wants. If you really wish for your life to be just the way you see it, set a goal without a timetable and work towards it – whether it takes ten days or ten years.”

Once you truly believe that you’re living your dreams, don’t just stop there, our psychics say. Relax and enjoy, but consider that life can expand and improve every day. “And, just like an untended garden, if you don’t tend to your life, it will wither,” reminds Althea. People, who get what they want, know there is always room for improvement – so they continue to find balance with life’s many opportunities.

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