Red Responds: It’s been 16 Years. Where is Her Brother?

Sondra in Gulfport writes:

My brother disappeared about 16 years ago, his birthday is March 17, 1962. We have not heard from him in all that time, we have looked for him in every way we can and it all leads to dead ends. Will he ever connect with us again? We lost our dad two years ago and our mother’s health isn’t the greatest and I know that before she leaves this earth she would like to see her oldest child, as did my dad. Will that be possible?

Is he still alive and doing okay? He had been in trouble before, and I feel that he thought he brought shame to the family name and that is why he has not contacted us. But we love him and do not care about all that – we just want him home. Will that be possible? Please Red can you give me a peace of mind? I know my dad died of a broken heart not knowing where his son is, and I don’t want that to happen to my mom, too. Thanks Red for all you do for everyone. I truly admire you.

Dear Sondra,

I do see that your brother is alive, and you will have the chance to see him again in this lifetime. Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee that your mother will share in this experience. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you, though.

Unfortunately, when someone wants to stay lost… they stay lost! I believe that your brother is doing fair, but his life does come through as hard. You and your family are like a distant dream to him – a lifetime ago that is lost, but not forgotten. While he isn’t living in some alley amongst the lost in a big city, he also doesn’t have the picturesque life in suburbia, either. He is managing, and his needs are met, but the hard life and some bad choices have made him a bit older than his years. Even though he may not be living the life you and your family want for him, he has straightened himself out tremendously – avoiding the worst of your nightmares and fears.

What I see looks like he could be somewhere in New England, but I’m unable to get anything more specific. I wish I could be of more help to you, because that isn’t a whole lot to go on. Fortunately, California Psychics does have more than a few psychics who have been successful in helping to locate missing people. I would advise you to either call Customer Service for a recommendation, or try Irene at ext. 4883 or Carol at ext. 9607.

I hope that this helps you, at least a little. I wish that that there was more I could do…

Ext. 9226

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