Red Responds: Her Husband’s Business Venture is Stressing Her Out

Victoria in Santa Monica writes:

My husband’s business venture is adding so much stress to our life. Can you tell me what you see? He is a risk taker and I am the “plodder” – which is a Ying and Yang fusion that has worked beautifully for an entire decade – and, I must admit, has helped us both to succeed and be very happy in our life. However this time around, my husband’s venture involves outside factors – such as a business partner who is up and down due to a recent divorce. It seems to be almost too much to bear at times. My husband is really stressed out and I am worried about him… Any insight you can give would be appreciated. You’re the best!

Dear Victoria,

I’m not sure who is more stressed – you or your husband! Either way, both of you need to chill out. Your husband does not strike me as a man who is too familiar with failure or defeat – and he is not going to succumb now. He does, however, need your strength and support to help him maintain his balance. Time to fire up that yin/yang energy with a bit of a color switch.

Your husband’s business partner doesn’t have his head solidly in the game, and that has caused some damage to the business. However, while the partnership may exist on paper and have some monetary attachments, the success of this business still rests where it has always been – squarely on your husband’s shoulders. It’s just more apparent now.

Your man is the idea-man, the one who knows what needs to be done and how to do it. Sure, it would be nice if he had some consistent and reliable help, but right now he doesn’t. While that is stressful and challenging, there is an up-side. The up-side is: control. Under his direction and efforts, things will not only turn around, but also start to bear fruit. He has old thoughts, plans, ideas, or strategies that were never implemented for some reason or another due to the partnership dynamic – but now is the time for him to revisit those plans, and implement them.

Things are going to be a bit challenging for the next couple of months, but things are lining up for solidity and growth. You guys have way too much invested in this venture to walk away from it, especially when the future shines of prosperity and success. What you are experiencing now is a bump in the road, not a roadblock. Bit by bit, things are going to improve. I have no clue what this business venture is, but “paper” help is coming. I’m not sure if the paper is contracts or financial backing – but there is money tied to paperwork. If I had to guess, I’d say it’s both.

Do your best to focus on what is really important – the partnership that is you and your man. As long as he has your love, trust, and faith – he has the power and tenacity to move mountains. Though the business and financial issues are stressful for him, the thing he fears most is being a failure in your eyes.

Brightest Blessings!
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