Red Responds: Embracing a New Chapter

Sally in Harper’s Ferry writes:

I am at a real turning point it seems. I have lived with a man for 17 years but without a lot of intimacy. We are friends and share many interests but there is a lot of resentment (probably on both sides) from his jealousy that started very early on in the relationship. Now I feel I need to end the relationship, finally, but the timing couldn’t be worse because I own the house. [I] don’t know what my skills are to bring in the needed money. I have been told I have Psychic abilities and thought I could use it to counsel people and also sing and have a lot of creative abilities as well. I am the type of person that is very emotional and not especially grounded and will need a little help from you to guide my way through this new period in my life. I feel like I have hit the bottom of the ocean and my flippers are bringing up all the sand around me and could use a clear direction as to the best use of my talents.

Dear Sally,

Embracing a new chapter of life usually comes with certain challenges, and figuring out the best way to proceed is always a big one. Finding the right niche to utilize your talents and generate the income you need presents as more of a path than a simple and direct answer.

Using your Psychic abilities to counsel people is certainly an avenue worth pursuing, but you first need to learn how to really tap into, understand and harness your gifts. While it is a future possibility for you, it isn’t something I see you doing as a primary profession. However, your intuition and abilities are valuable skills that can be quite useful in any career.

Because you are good with people, and deeply compassionate, you will do well in any area that assists or deals with the public. I see you initially working in a healthcare arena, possibly as an aide in a hospital or hospice, because there is a lot of elderly energy around you. This will be a good experience and teach you a set of valuable skills that you can build on, even though this isn’t your dream job. Think of the experience as a stepping stone, because you will transition from this arena into the retail world, for a while. All of these experiences are going to be quite enlightening for you, and you will be bitten by the bug to further your education. I see you taking a distance learning course that seems to merge business skills with a creative element – I think it’s photography or video.

Through your efforts and experiences, you are going to grow and change, and shape your future accordingly. By following your internal desires, you will create for yourself a balance of personal fulfillment and the ability to generate the income you need.

Good luck!
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