Red Responds: Good Looking People Have All the Luck

Annete in Toronto writes:

It always seems that good looking people get all the luck and opportunities and everyone else has to work harder. Is this just a coincidence or does it have something to do with astrology? I do realize it has something to do with how we perceive things too. Spirit does conquer and shine through in the end.

Dear Annete,

Your theory does have merit, but the reality is way more complicated.

While it is true that people do tend to bear certain physical attributes associated with their sun sign, our appearance is much more genetically based. It is DNA, not planetary alignment, which more heavily influences our physical makeup. Planetary alignment can influence the DNA, but it is not the stronger force.

For instance, if a sixth toe is a genetic anomaly in a person’s bloodline, that person’s offspring runs the risk of being born with a sixth toe. Let’s say 20 women carry the genetic programming to produce a child with the sixth toe. They all give birth at midnight in the same hospital. If astrology were the predominant force, there would be 20 six-toed kids. The chances of that are pretty slim…

Luck is much more astrologically based. Some charts are crawling with luck and blessings because of planetary placement, and others show areas of great challenge.

While it is sad, people are initially judged by their appearance. This is the way of the world. Most of us want to be members of the “pretty people” club, because it does seem like the being beautiful makes life better and easier. For some, it is true. For others, though they are outwardly “beautiful,” life sucks.

It doesn’t matter what the package – those with a beautiful spirit will always shine – they just sometimes have to wave a flag so other people will notice. Attractiveness of the body can be altered, fade, even mutilated. But, a beautiful spirit will always shine through. It is much better to be beautiful, then to simply look as if you are.

Brightest Blessings!
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