Your LOVECAST™: Issues From the Past

Issues from the past need to be resolved and spirituality will be a reoccurring theme in love this week. Romance starts out rocky then turns adventurous on Thursday – so hang in there.

Week of January 26 – February 1, 2008

Aquarius: Something from the past arises and needs to be resolved on Saturday. Spiritual talk inspires love on Sunday. Envision your relationship ideals on Monday. A misunderstanding with your boss or lover can cause you to overreact on Tuesday or Wednesday. Friends provide adventure and possibly romance on Thursday. Your willfulness challenges love on Friday.

Pisces: Socializing can pull you off track on Saturday or Sunday, so stay true to yourself and connect with positive people. Assert your projects at work on Monday. Your intuition reveals clues to your future path on Tuesday and Wednesday, if you avoid wishful thinking. Spiritual activities inspire love on Thursday. Romance arises through a friend or group on Friday.

Aries: Love clashes with control or willfulness on Saturday. Romance is carefree on Sunday. Flirting (or more serious talk) can bring you closer to your sweetie on Monday. Mixed messages can derail a sexual tryst on Tuesday or Wednesday, so be direct! Your sense of adventure makes passion sizzle on Thursday and Friday when love may come from afar.

Taurus: Transform your ideas about love on Saturday. Your generosity inspires romance on Sunday. Expressing your sexual needs deepens intimacy on Monday. A misunderstanding with your partner is likely on Tuesday or Wednesday. Let your inner wild-child come out to play and heat up the sheets on Thursday and Friday – be spontaneous!

Gemini: Romance beckons, but roadblocks unhinge love on Saturday. Love is optimistic on Sunday. Naughty talk inspires a lusty tryst on Monday! Confusion or deception regarding a coworker may upset your work routine on Tuesday or Wednesday – seek the truth. Twosome energy soars on Thursday and Friday when romance sizzles with passion and unpredictability.

Cancer: A family conflict can upset love on Saturday. Sunday is fun, but feelings may be exaggerated. Entertaining at home revs up romance on Monday. Romance is off kilter on Tuesday. Use your imagination to inspire a lusty tryst on Wednesday! Romance is carefree on Thursday and Friday, so let go of control and play!

Leo: Abrasive words can upset love on Saturday, so speak wisely. Express your heart on Sunday. Monday favors a heart-to-heart talk with your sweetie. Willfulness can derail love on Tuesday. Romance seems illusive on Wednesday. Your creativity and sense of drama rev up romance on Thursday and Friday, so plan a sexy rendezvous with your sweetie!

Virgo: Love feels out of control on Saturday. Watch spending too. Emotions and logic collide on Sunday. Your braininess brings you admirers on Monday. A miscommunication upsets love on Tuesday or Wednesday. Love is wild and chaotic on Thursday, which is both unsettling and fun. Romance blooms with promise on Friday!

Libra: A change of perspective is needed in love on Saturday. Romance blooms during a homey, sensual (candles, massage oil, incense) tryst on Sunday. Your eloquence and directness heighten passion on Monday. Promote your ideas at work, too. Watch emotional spending on Tuesday. Love is dreamy (confusing?) on Wednesday. Flirting escalates on Thursday and gets daring on Friday!

Scorpio: Hidden feelings simmer in the background on Saturday and Sunday – meditate for clarity. Flirting between the sheets makes for a lusty Monday night! You may feel off center on Tuesday, so take some alone time. Others find you either alluring or baffling Wednesday. Your provocative side takes over on Thursday. Expressing your heart gets the desired results on Friday.

Sagittarius: Socializing with friends gets wild on Saturday or Sunday. Avoid people who are out of control. Group activities or connections with friends can bring romance on Monday. Hidden feelings (from the past?) can throw you off balance on Tuesday and Wednesday – meditate for clarity. Your powers of attraction skyrocket on Thursday and Friday, so get out there and shine!

Capricorn: Self-centeredness collides with cooperation to challenge love on Saturday. Your joie de vivre returns on Sunday. Promoting your ideas on Monday can bring a financial reward. Friends can pull you off center Tuesday and Wednesday, so avoid flakey people. A trip for two to an exotic locale inspires passion on Thursday and Friday!

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