Red Responds: Her Husband Appeared to Her After His Death

Marie in Wakeman writes:

I was born on October 4, 1928 and my husband was born on August 16, 1927. He passed away April 5, 2005. We had been married 58 years. He appeared to me about a month ago at night. I woke up after sleeping about an hour, opened my eyes and all of a sudden he appeared for just a second. He had on a cream colored shirt with a tan stripe in it. The next night I kept dreaming that he was telling me that he had woven the cloth for the shirt. Is there some kind of message in this? Also, I would like to know if my finances will increase and if I will meet anyone soon for a companion?

Dear Marie,

When people have a very strong connection to another, death may alter the flow of communications, but it certainly does not stop it. Even though your husband is no longer with you on this plane, it does not mean he isn’t still watching over you!

Apparently you have been fairly nostalgic during the weeks that preceded your nighttime messages, and fretting a bit over how to proceed with your future. While this comes through as nothing short of normal, I can’t imagine the transitions you have been going through since the loss of your husband. Wrap all of this together, and you have the reason for his visits.

Your dream wasn’t just a dream, it truly was a message. In many ways, your husband is trying to tell you that life goes on, and that’s it is okay for you to take control over your life and your current circumstances. As a matter of fact, he is urging you to do so. He thinks you aren’t quite as on top of things as you could or should be. The man found that you could be quite hard-headed when the two of you were together in life, and it amuses him that you still are. He is trying to remind you and impress upon you that when you do choose to focus on your goals, you achieve them.

With death comes enlightenment for those who have passed, and he wants you to know that he understands the life he created, and is at peace with it. Any of the issues that you struggle with, particularly in regard to your life with him, may feel unresolved to you, but not to him.

Your husband is urging you to become more connected in your own life. Think of it as him giving you permission to go on living fully. He will not judge you, if that is one of your concerns. Emotions aren’t the same in death as they are in life. When your time comes to transcend planes, he will come and get you. What happens between now and then only affects you – it doesn’t change or negate anything you had or have with him.

Ironically, the other questions you asked are directly tied into your dream. Your husband has already given you the answers. In order for your finances to improve, you must focus and put forth the effort to change them. He believes you can do it, and so do I – if you really want to, that is. Otherwise, you will maintain status quo. While it may not be ideal, you will continue to make ends meet.

If you volunteer your time, you will attract a few gentlemen admirers. There is a gentleman around you now that would make for a lovely companion, but not a dynamic or overly romantic situation. He has grown accustomed to the “bachelor life” once again, but underneath a semi-gruff exterior, he has a pretty big heart. He is very active, and is not one to alter his schedule too much to accommodate others, but he can be a lot of fun – when he’s not trying your patience.

Brightest Blessings!
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