Red Responds: Will Her Roommate Steal Her Boyfriend?

Victoria in Gatineau, Canada writes:

I have this roommate and I don’t really like her. I have been afraid that she might try to make it with my boyfriend because she might have cheated on her fiancé. They are no longer together. Should I be worried?

Dear Victoria,

It would be wise of you to continue trying to get along with your roommate as best you can. While I don’t see the two of you ever becoming close friends, I do see that more respect between you can ease the situation.

Your roommate will flirt with your boyfriend – it’s her nature. She likes to be noticed, to be desired. While she isn’t necessarily making a play for your man, she will not turn away any attention he gives her.

Rather than focus on her, your energy would be much better spent dealing with your boyfriend and strengthening your relationship with him. He seems like a pretty loyal guy. The better things are between the two of you, the more likely he is to defend what the two of you share over his ego, curtailing any questionable situations that could potentially arise with your roommate.

While I’m not going to suggest that you blindly trust these two, I am going to advise you not to make a problem where currently there is none.Your boyfriend has so far been faithful to you. Do not let your suspicions of your roommate interfere with your romantic relationship. In other words, don’t be the jealous girlfriend. Likewise, keep the contact your boyfriend has with your roommate to a minimum, while being aware that there is a fine line between protecting and nurturing what you have and being possessive and controlling.

Best of luck to you,
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