Make A Decision – Any Decision!

Should you move or stay put? Should you quit your job or hold out for a promotion? Should you re-commit to your partner or go your separate ways? Whether the big questions – or just deciding what to wear – always have you stumped, learn to say hello to your inner decision maker and say goodbye to wishy-washy thinking. Here are some tips for making up your mind and getting on with your life!

Trust your first thought
If you think of yourself as someone who can’t make up their mind – you’re wrong. Your mind makes itself up in a fraction of a second. Trust your first thought. It sounds so simple, yet we debate ourselves to death. Your mind and spirit know the direction of your heart, all you have to do is follow it. Everyone’s got a story of giving a situation another chance when they had a feeling from the start that things just didn’t feel right. But they mistrusted their first thought and hung in there and lived to regret it.

Please yourself
Decisions made purely to please someone else breed resentment. Decisions to please yourself raise your self-esteem and stop feelings of victimhood. If you have been in a pattern of pleasing others, this might shake up the people around you. But taking care of yourself first leads to relationships with healthy boundaries and more room for growth and joy.

Inner wisdom
Know that your inner life is not determined by decisions made about the physical world.
It may feel like this is the biggest decision of your life. It’s not. The biggest decision you make everyday is to live in the moment, fully present. If your peace rests on the physical world, you will live in a nightmare of trying to control the outcome of all your decisions. The matter at hand is important, but it cannot dictate your inner happiness and peace. You must detach from the outcome of all of your decisions.

No big deal
Everyone knows not to sweat the small stuff, but real freedom comes when you don’t sweat the big stuff. Making decisions out of fear and scarcity only leads to more fear and more scarcity. There is plenty for you in this world. There is plenty of time to reach your goal. There are plenty of people to help you.

Take the first step
Start by defining the decision that is before you TODAY. Not in the future or heaven forbid replaying a decision from the past. Everyone who accomplished anything in their lives will tell you they did not know every step they needed to take to get to their goal. So, take that first step before you know the entire map. Your feet will be shown the way.

Clarity is the light that shines through indecision. Each time you trust yourself in a decision, your intuition – that first thought – grows stronger and stronger. Decisions made to please others feel like lugging rock up a hill. Trusting in yourself is like letting go of the rock and climbing the rest of the mountain light and free.

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