Red Responds: Challenging Luck

Bernie in St. Catharines writes:

Since I have moved to start over, it seems I have had many problems to deal with. Renting my house has been a nightmare and trying to finish the program I’m in is frustrating. Just when it couldn’t get worse, my insurance company drops me as I am now considered a “high risk.” Could you tell me if there is any light at the end of this tunnel? I am close to packing it in and if I am unable to find employment when this is over, I will have to return to the city in which I lived most of my life in — which is depressing. I just need something really good to happen now as there has been more than enough bad! Thanks for any insight you can give.

Dear Bernie,

Life tends to run in cycles, and it seems like you have sucked into the undertow of challenging luck. I say “challenging” instead of “bad,” because with all the changes and adjustments you’ve been going through, things could have conspired to turn out worse!

Hang in there, and don’t give in to the lower vibratory energy that surrounds you. All this crap that you are going through is only temporary — just another stage of transition. Keep trudging along, and you will come out of this dark tunnel and into the sunshine.

You will make it through the program, even if not as well as you’d like. Remind yourself that the knowledge you gain and the credentials you receive are ultimately more important than your scores. You’re having trouble with the program, not the material. You are a stickler for detail, and this program is moving at a faster pace than you are comfortable with. When you recognize that as part of the problem, you will be able to adjust and things will start to flow a little easier.

As far as your job hunting goes, you will find work shortly after completing your education. I don’t see you moving back to your old hometown, but I do see you moving. Even though that thought may be exhausting, the reality won’t be all that bad. If anything, I’d have to say that the geographical shift will be a positive influence, not a negative transition. You’ll end up somewhere that you can truly start over, and feel like you are actually and finally home.

Energy attracts energy, Bernie. All the anxiety and fear you’ve been trying to keep suppressed since restarting your life finds little ways of leaking out. That is like an invisible magnet to attract challenging situations. Change your vibrations by changing your expectations and thought patterns, and you make yourself less visible to the essence of challenging luck.

Good luck!
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