Relationships for a Reason, Season or Lifetime

People come into our lives for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. At first, it may be hard to determine the nature and purpose of a relationship. Many of our callers at California Psychics have questions regarding this topic. Perhaps these descriptions will help somewhat to clarify the mystery.

When someone is in our life for a reason, it is usually to meet a need that has been expressed. They have come to assist us through a difficulty — to provide guidance and support no matter how short lived. Perhaps they’ve come along to bring us the healing power of kindness and hope. They have most definitely shown up to reactivate a virtue within us to aid us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. They seem like a godsend and are here for the reason we need them to be. Then, without warning, usually at an inconvenient time to us, this person will say or do something to bring the relationship to an end. Sometimes they simply walk away. Sometimes they act out and force us to take a stand. What we must realize is that our need has been met, our desire fulfilled and therefore their work is done. The prayer you sent out has been answered and it is time now to let go. This may be a difficult time because often we think the lesson has not been learned or purpose fulfilled.

When people come into our lives for a season, it is because our turn has come to share, grow, or learn with this person. They may bring an experience of joy and truly make us laugh. They may teach us something we have never done before or even thought about doing. They are usually bringing us some form of creativity and wisdom that may unlock a beautiful gift inside that has been lying dormant. Often these mentors and instructors open our minds to new ideas and dimensions. They usually bring an enormous amount of grace with them. Take it in, believe it and enjoy — it is very real, if only for a season.

Lifetime relationships present us with life long challenges and lessons for growth. Not only do love partners fall into this category but parents, siblings and long term friendships as well. They bring us love, patience, forgiveness, generosity, compassion, etc. — those virtues we build a life upon in order to maintain emotional balance. Our job is to be open and receptive to the lesson and love the person that is bringing it. Some lifetime partners can be very gentle and some quite challenging. As a dear friend once exclaimed: “What if that person was put into your life to simply drive you crazy … after all, you did say you wanted to learn about forgiveness!”

Many relationships appear to separate and end, yet as one metaphysical study A Course In Miracles reminds us, “No relationship occurs by accident, nor is what appears to be the end of the relationship a real end. Yet all who meet will someday meet again, for it is the destiny of all relationships to become holy (healed, forgiven).”

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89 thoughts on “Relationships for a Reason, Season or Lifetime

  1. carolina

    Mandy I know this guy.The same thing happened to me almost word for worda year ago. They are scared of what they feel and what they share with us. It want ever work. They want allow it. They are afraid to love us that deeply. I am still trying to get over him.
    We will find the right man. I know it. :)re

  2. Sunshine

    Dear Confuse
    If you still love your husband and are attracted to him, dont keep cheating on him. If ur not satisfied sexually with him u need to have a better communication with him and should let him know about it, so that he can find a new way to keep you happy and satisfied. That younger guy is fullfilling his fantasy of being with a married woman and the excitement of both of you getting caught. A man that wants to break a marriage is not a good and honest man at all! He is only having fun w/u. Dont let that happen! You will not only lose a stable marriage and loving husband that loves you, but your children will lose a stable and happy home. Good Luck

  3. Bikki

    I am a 29 years old woman with 2 kids. my husband is 42 years old. He is also very romantic like me. He likes sex once a day. Even though I never satisfy with it. Because I need more than once a day.
    Now for four months I have been fall in love with a young man of 26. He likes and loves me very much. I like to do sex with him but I haven’t done till now.
    should I do sex with him or not?????? I am totally confuse. Please help me.

  4. fe t

    I understand what you feel now and that true because i had been hurt before but if you try to open your heart to somebody who want to inter and be positive and looking forward to your happiness and am sure you can have the happiness that you looking for.being hurt for our past is the big thing that we can have some lesson and to learn our mistake and to prove to ourselve how strong we are.
    God Bless,

  5. fe t.

    Evrerything is in right time and we just need to wait and no reason to lost our hope and faith to God..because times come for us to fine the right soulmate that we can be together and to share our life.
    Am now feel lucky because i found my soulmate and were happy together at first i have doubt but i pray and ask sign if His Him already but i feel so inlove with him to am happy God’s answer my praying.

  6. fe tabangco

    I am new here but as i read those message here i incourage to share my experience about the real feeling that i have here in my heart…yes i had been separated for almost 4 years…am alone but i having 3 kids and i am now feel lucky because i now found a boyfriend that who accept my kids and love’s me…i feel the love that i wish in my life and all i wish now is…am hoping that we can be together untill the end of our life…I know God’s answer our praying to Him..happy with my kids…
    Thanks for reading my message and God Bless All.

  7. Lynn

    Having a soulmate there are connections
    They will send you messages in your dreams too. 30 years ago my soulmate left with out a word.But In my dreams I get messages I didnt understand them until he came back into my life.He said that for years that leaving me played on his mind and that there was not a day go by he didnt think about me and regretted it. I truly believe things happen for a reason . Lynn

  8. charlene

    I found my soulmate, and lost him somehow, now I have a boyfriend whom which sounds exactly like my lost soulmate, but does not look like him, I wonder if it is him and maybe god showed me my future husband maybe a preminission i dont know.

  9. lt

    I also do have a dilema in the same sort of way. I have been reccently seperated 9 months very bad seperation, but!! I also had made a good friend about 6 months before I seperated. At first we just talked for hours and hours and we have everything in common. We even know each others thoughts that was a little bit scary. See the only problem is he is married to and he loves his children very much but I know I fell in love with him the day I met him and he says the same thing. But we know we cant act on that so we try to stay just friends. It is very hard to stay just friends when we know every personal detail about each other. I just dont know what to do. I dont have anyone right now except for him but I think he is fixin to let me go because it is so hurtful sometimes that we cant be together or spend time together to just talk. I dont know it is just way to complicated but I cant help how I feel and it really hurts more than he or anyone else will ever know.

  10. Jen

    Yes we all have a reason! Regrardless how important we my think it is!To someone elts it could be an answer to our prayers! love this one.

  11. barbarra

    I am new here, and I need some advice…My classmate from high school and I set a date to see each other. we keep texting and he always phoned me. when we see each other, I felt like I’m falling in love with him, though he is married and I been separated for 3years. In my age, i was wondering why I can still fell this way, to fall in love with him? After that night, he never talked to me, but I know he loves me, he never spoke anything about love but I can feel that he loves me. I know that there’s something wrong with it. Don’t know how to forget him, I’m getting hopeless and I’m so depressed…How can I forget him? thanks

  12. JOYCE


  13. victoria

    i got i crush to from USA his
    surname is Kelosis,,
    but i think
    we meet in a wrong place.
    how can i have a contact with him?

  14. louie flores

    now i realized…i have to let him go..exactly what happened to me to the relationship i had recently for 3months only that i called it accidental..i have been served,an answer to my prayer..thanks for this article i can move on better now..thank you so much i appreciate–louisa flores ,scorpio

  15. Robin

    Dear Faith,
    Your letter put a lot into perspective. Two years ago I met my true soul mate. He made me happier than I had ever been in my life. My children even loved him, but it only lasted three months. He took my son hunting on the first day of buck, had a heart attack and passed away right in front of him. People tell me to get over him and move on, but I just can’t do that. My son can’t get over what happened either. However, it has taught me a very va;uable lesson…NEVER take your loved ones for granted, because every time they walk out that door it could be the last time you see them.

  16. Ravenless Tower

    Good HEAVENS I hope you’re wrong! I recently came in contact again with a man I once loved and have held in fond memories my entire adult life…
    After 22 years he reappears and we reconnect… he is loving, attentive, amazing! We text for three months straight before meeting again after so much time.
    As it turns out, it was all a game to him… find me, seduce me, give me everything he assessed I needed and then end all communication with no expection.
    He a textbook psychopath – always has been – I just wasn’t old enough to understand “back in the day” and didn’t recognize what was happening until it was over and I was shellshocked.
    “No relationship occurs by accident, nor is what appears to be the end of the relationship a real end. Yet all who meet will someday meet again, for it is the destiny of all relationships to become holy (healed, forgiven).”
    Ok… I forgive him, I’m moving on older and wiser – but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let that be the REAL END!

  17. Vickie

    I’m suffering from a broken heart right from a
    relationship like this…..the sadness is killing
    me, with no answers of does or if he really cares. Was he just using me or did he just get
    He really put a lot into getting me to go out
    with him…waiting for me after work, walking to
    my car, coming to talk to me as much as he could.
    That all to 6 months or more, we had a thing go
    on and all of a sudden he just STOPPED. Now I’m confused, sad broken hearted…the thing of it is
    I fell in love, and him wel…………
    What a way to kill the holiday

  18. clayhoney

    Dear Faith….
    I was moved by what I just read. What I wanted to share was… I recently had the love of my life come back to me. I let him go years ago… did not think much about him,,, But at times allowed my mind to think about him a little. One Sunday Morning in August 09. I was on my way to the store in the early norning and he was coming from the store I was on my way too. We could not have passed each other without speaking. Sine then we have been together and loving one another… I must say that I have never felt better. We have loved each other for sometime now…. It’s interesting to hear what he says about me. He thought I was involed with someone else so that is why he never said anything to me. We where great friends. We went swimming together. rode our bikes in the early mornings like 4am.. YES I said 4AM in the morning. SO you see we where developing a wonderful friendship. Never in a million years did I think I would be with him. I knew I loved him very much. we will be getting married this year…. Blessed it be clayhoney

  19. SOBY

    yeah, i agree. Failed relation though doesn’t mean that one should not try again, just that it is not easy at all. i just had a VERY bad one and had been into any yet. I said yet cos, i hope to go into one again. SOON TOO I BELIEVE.

  20. April Tan

    Dear Faith
    Our son came into our lives for 15 years..brought us love, joy and laughter….and he had to leave us…….

  21. Mandy

    Hi I too agree, I was in a relationship with a guy 2 years ago who I absolutely adored, admired, n fell in love with. We had gone on holidays together just to come back home n he walked away with no explanation at all. He wouldn’t even speak to me or answer my txts, took me a long time to get over him and even when I started moving on my love for him never left. Two years later he came back into my life I was afraid but I let him back in.
    I told him after weeks n weeks I am afraid of developing feelings for him again or even falling back in love, so if you want to walk away now is your chance. He didn’t he stayed,he told me it will all be fine don’t worry, again we went on another holiday, and again the same thing happened to me, we got back home he hugged me n kissed me good bye n said he will catch up soon and he hasn’t spoken to me since. Nor will answer my txt’s.
    I’m so hurt.

  22. TeRRaYeLLeN australia

    Is it possible that s person can be all 3 a reason a season and a lifetime , i have such a person who fits all 3 , I believe i have a long lasting friendship with this person Love n Light Terri

  23. Odri

    Faith, I really agree with you eventhough love or lust blinds us. I had a relationship with a guy who did not plan anything for future with me. I really loved him and still do, almost unconditionally. Still wonder why unconditionally and even decided it had to do with my past life. I guess I owed him something and paying him back in this lifetime. He does not live where I live and time had come for him to leave. He left for about 3 months now, and seems like my mind is clearing like a sky after long rainy days. And I started to understand that I was loosing myself with him. I read your message and want to say the same to everyone. Give space. get space and don’t forget who you are and what you want.

  24. Karen

    I believe there is a gentleman in my life right now that I have known in a previous life. I even know when that was. But what I don’t know is how long he is going to be with me. I also think I know why he is here now. To help me heal over some bad situations and to give me hope.

  25. nkanyezi

    yes,the person that i was involved with we are still together after everything that we’ve been through we are more inlove now he gave reason for everything we lost achild before but he was always there even if i didn’t want him so i thought so he is here for areason.

  26. lavaris

    Yes your so right its hard, I been through a love rollcoaster for about five years afraid and caught up. I just want to be care for i have a lot of love to give but i’m learning now that I have to be open to love an let go of the pass. I know it will work out for me an you as well.

  27. Lisa W-D

    Hi Jesse,
    I’m new to this blog thing. I have not spoken to you in a while. My husband and I are working on getting a business up and going and in about 3-4 months we should have our state license. It has been a very difficult 2-3 years to get to this point and a lot of emotional hardship as well. Financially with all the battles we have had to fight its a wonder we are still here. We are worried that we will loose our house, which we need for the business. We are going to approach my cousins (Paul and Carol) for a loan. Do you feel they will help us? Will we loose the house? Will I find a good paying job to help us get though the next 3-6 months? What ever advise or help you can give I would appreciate it.

  28. Psychic - Jesse - x9027

    Dear Kara,
    You also might want to consider reaching beyond your “comfort zone” and meeting some guys you don’t know yet. Just because something is familiar doesn’t mean it’s the best for you. It only means that some of the initial moments have been worked through. The chances are really good that this guy may not be the way you remember him being.
    There are LOTS of ways to meet really great guys and expand your world. I know it can be a little scary, but life is either a Grand Adventure or it is very little!
    take care,
    Jesse 9027

  29. friend

    I believe very few love unconditionally. Its good to hear u wnana be the one. The underlying fact is everyone want a partner as per their own expectations. And when u see getting that u are ready to do aything to get that person in ur life. many of us claim that they love unconditionlly. bt the fact is we think so only when we get the one we always wanted. so we all think of us 1st and then abt our love. coz we all love ourselves more than anyone else not even our partner. its all about compatibility.
    very few works against odds.

  30. friend

    Give him time to think what he wants.
    I feel each individual is insecure about his near one living him or her.
    An thats how law of attraction works the more u force a person the more it will irritate him. the more u give him the space he will be at his ease to come to you just to check whether you are their for him or not.

  31. peter Eweka

    how do i get in contact with a very good fenale freind of ny in U S A her nane is kyly, and she the right lady for me

  32. Kara

    Is it okay to not let go? A guy came into my life back in June that I have known for 15 years after his wife left him for another man and remarried.
    My husband died 2 years ago. i was just beginning to think it would be nice for someone I already knew that was single to call or something. And this guy did.
    I really feel a connection to him and have never felt this before other than my husband.
    Psychics tell me he will come back into my life, that he had been hurt in the past by his X. And its hard for him to commit because of trust.
    He is a Libra, I hope their right. They say he cares for me. I have always liked this man as a friend, and feel very comfortable with him. I know he likes his space and feel I have contacted him to much, sometimes he doesnt answer or respond. So Im going on the advice of Ms. Jordan a Psychic, to not contact him, because he knows now he doesnt have to contact me, cause I will him according to her. She said let him work for me. He will wonder what happened when I stop texting or calling him. Do u all agree?
    Anyone want to reply?

  33. Faith - 9608

    I wanted to share a concept I learned awhile back about detachment and observation which speaks to Darcy’s floating (love that!) in a relationship. The idea that we can be in a relationship without having to put a label on it at the beginning.
    That is, to engage, communicate, be very active with a partner and yet detach a bit and observe yourself and your partner, as if you were watching a movie. Yes hard to do, but when I remember to take this view, it releases the pressure to define or put a label on the relationship too early. It gives us room to be who we are and let’s your partner reveal themselves to you. Then you can decide what the relationship is for you … reason, season or lifetime! 😀
    Many Holiday Blessings everyone,
    Faith – 9608

  34. Cynthia

    I used to worry about meeting someone and being stuck in a dead end relationship. There’s someone new now and he and I communicate on the whole very well. I don’t know if he’s in for the long haul or not and because of the article i’m not too worried about it. He doesn’t like my cat, I think, and she’s very precious to me. So I guess I’ll just sit back and see what happens. Perhaps he’s here to make a former boyfriend finally committ to something more. I don’t know. I don’t know what I think of all this yet. It’s too soon.

  35. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Darcy,
    Loved the way you expressed the
    ” just float ” part.
    I am older now as well….I think many learn that with age and experience.
    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Blessed Be )O(…….Gina Rose ext.9500

  36. The Lovely Duckling

    Hi, Verbena!
    If you are still in the mood to write something about this subject, I’d love to hear it! What I really want to know is what happens beyond lifetimes, like when one of a pair of twin souls incarnates but the other one does not.
    Have a happy Thanksgiving! 😉
    Duckie 🙂

  37. Believer

    Dear Faith,
    I second what Gina Rose said…please keep writing!!
    Your stories & articles come across so beautifully…make so much sense…on subjects that mystify many of us.
    Happy Thanksgiving to All!

  38. Faith - 9608

    Believer, is this ever true – your comment -“just because we feel a romantic connection with someone doesn’t always mean they are meant to be in our lives forever”. That was a hard one for me to grasp when I was young, that not every man that came along was meant as a potential romantic partner.
    Lovely Duckling, Miss Krystal and Maryanne too – I can’t think of ANYTHING more painful than losing someone we love; nor harder to let go and make peace with, no matter who it is. In fact I don’t know if we really can make peace with it, perhaps acceptance is the closest we come.
    Grace – love your name. Have only written one poem in my entire life! However, I have moon and mercury conjunct in Pisces though … so who knows! 😀
    Dear Kerri – thank you for your story. One thing I have learned about relationships is that our soul knows what’s true and the direction we are to proceed in a relationship … not necessarily our mind. As we give up trying to “think” a relationship and follow our heart, usually the outcome is extraordinary.
    Gina Rose – thank you so much for your awesome comments, I am so touched.
    Thank you all and Happy Thanksgiving Blessings,
    Faith – 9608

  39. Psychic Maryanne Ext. 9146

    Hi, Faith,
    What a lovely article and a very timely lesson.
    It is difficult to let go and recognize that if we do, it will leave room in our lives for the next person to enter for a reason, season, or lifetime.
    And we do, definitely, learn wonderful things about ourselves, how we relate to others, and the world at large by these connections.
    Ext. 9146

  40. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Faith,
    Your Moon & Mercury are conjunct in pisces…..that explains your ability to write about and teach in the psychic field.
    My Moon & Mars are also within 3 degrees of each other in Pisces.
    Please keep writing…..!!!!
    Blessed Be )O(…..Gina Rose ext.9500

  41. kerri Dumas

    This article has clarified a lot for me at this juncture of my life. And by simply coming across it is a miracle in its self. I have been contemplating a relationship I fell into several months ago. Ironically enough, it was my first love from 26yrs. ago.! He has been through a lot in those yrs. a few accidents, one leaving him with a brain injury, the other a broken back. As far as I can tell he should have been gone along time ago… low and behold, he is still here! He also had a very difficult marriage where his wife cheated and was impregnated by another man, however, at the time she told him this baby may not be his and they can make it work! so, he went for it as he had cancer and believed this to be the only child he would ever have.This was “his” little girl! the love of his life! for 2yrs. And then one day mommy decided to tell the other guy he was daddy and this man has not been able to see this child in mo.
    As we entered into what first started out friendly, I really had to question the reason we were brought back together? Did he need a kind gentle person to show him not all people are bad? that all women were not evil snakes in the grass? I still do not have my answer! However, in the following mo. we realized we still had some feelings for each other and became romantically involved. We have had many conflicts, which often times led to “not talking” for a while. I was devastated! how could he say he loves me then not call? this happens frequently, and I continue to let it happen! and though it hurts, I just can’t let go! I feel like the article above has given much insight! I “FEEL” a need to stay if only for a reason, a season, or perhaps a lifetime!
    Thank-You for a great article Faith

  42. Grace

    Dear Faith
    You are a natural born writer and this article of a reason, a season, a lifetime is so very true and written with such beauty. All I can say is WOW
    Please write more for you touch hearts.
    You also write poetry?

  43. Miss Krystal ext. 9192

    Hello Faith-
    Thank you for your wonderful article.
    Makes perfect sense.
    It is hard, however, when you have had a childhood friend and they sabotage all of those years. Because there is “no next one.” I agree with everything you say, but I have to admit, losing a childhood friend is very painful. My remedy is to observe-notice all of the wonderful things that I have in the friends that I have met in my adult life. That usually helps.
    And that brings us back to “learning to live in the moment.”
    You are right. They say, “The truth shall set you free.” And you did that all so perfect in this article. Thanks for reminding me.
    truth and peace,
    Miss Krystal

  44. The Lovely Duckling

    Thank you, Faith!
    What a wonderful article!!! I have had so many people come and go in my lifetime, so it really hits home to read what you have written.
    At times in my life, it has been a difficult and painful process to lose those who were dear to me. Sometimes I have found myself not wanting to enter in to new relationships for fear of having them end.
    At other times it has been a blessing. I have been able to walk away and become a better person for overcoming the difficulties of the relationship.
    Now I realize that there has been a lesson in every one of the relationships that I have had, regardless of whether they went well or not. It has helped me understand my life so much better to try to see the perspective of those around me, to understand what the relationship has been to them.
    Fortunately for me, I figured this out at a fairly young age. I am lucky to have learned so many lessons already. Each time I enter into a new relationship now, I am already looking for the lesson it will bring. I am trying to see things beyond my own view so that I can be a better partner in it. My relationships have become so much richer because of this.
    Thanks again, Faith! I look forward to reading what you write next!!!
    Duckie 🙂

  45. Believer

    Hi Faith,
    What a beautiful, straight forward explanation of the connections we experience with certain individuals in our lives.
    If only it was easier to remember that just because we feel a romantic connection with someone doesn’t always mean they are meant to be in our lives “forever”. As you stated so beautifully, it may be for a reason, a season or a lifetime. If only those “reasons” were clearer to us sometimes…I guess that’s where the wonderful Psychics at CP come in handy, huh? 🙂
    Thank you for your contribution. Your articles are always so insightful.
    Many blessings to you Faith & Happy Thanksgiving!

  46. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Dear Faith….
    I just love your articles….and this latest article is a ” keeper ” too.
    Everytime I read one of your articles, it instantly reminds me of a lesson I’ve taught to a student.
    Keep up the great work!
    Blessed Be )O(…Gina Rose ext.9500

  47. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Faith….
    I agree 500%….some connections are brought to us as an opportunity by which we can learn & grow. It’s All about learning and growing.
    You are my personal favorite article writer…the articles in here are all good, don’t get me wrong…..
    …but Faith, you really have a gift for writing AND teaching.
    The Grace vs Karma article was outstanding and so is this article as well.
    I’ll be busy now,through Jan 1st , but I’m glad I checked out the blog this AM and saw this latest article by Faith.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you, Faith, and your loved ones.
    Blessed Be )O(…..Gina Rose ext.9500


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