A Different Karmic Perspective

Psychic Phillip ext. 9485 was recommended to me by my sister. I’d read a blog about a reading she had with him and how he got right down to business – something I found quite interesting.

As a new CP customer, I thought Phillip was straight forward and didn’t use any type of sugar coating. There was a realness in his manner. He asked my birth date, time of birth, and birth place. I’m a little familiar with the basics of my astrological birth chart. I know what some of it means, or at least thought I did.

Phillip provided insights I’d never heard from other psychics or astrologers, or services. I love how you sometimes get a new perspective from someone’s specific talent.

He said “You have self esteem issues in your relationships” and that was awesome. I loved how straight to the point he was. He said the Scorpio in my chart created some “pandemonium.”

He explained my lessons. “You came here with a deficit in the relationship bank book. You have to give more than you take until you balance it out.” He said, “When you say ‘This isn’t fair,’ that’s when the relationship disappears.” I asked him what that meant (without mentioning that I’ve been saying “not fair” since I was a little girl and it’s my signature quote from my elementary school yearbook). Phillip said I should keep giving, it’s only temporary. He said my chart has Leo in the 7th house which promises that I will have what I want in terms of relationships, it’s just delayed.

He asked, “Are you passionate about what you do?” I said I’m passionate about making art but I work in an office to pay my bills and I don’t enjoy it or feel a connection with the work. “Find a way to do something that your heart is behind and you will be prosperous.” He said there was a lot of Leo in my chart which connected to solar energy and that Saint Michael was watching my back. He said I should “dump the anger” I have held and “focus.” He said power will come through in relationships and whatever relationship I want is “promised to come” since up until now “you were doing your time.” Interesting karmic perspective!

I asked him about my life purpose and he said that professionally, “You have to be 100% behind whatever you do with your mental energy. If you’re worrying, it’s always going to take you into pandemonium.” He asked me to look at how I intend to spend the rest of my life. I said making paintings and music and sharing my experiences to help kids feel better about themselves. He said my Aquarius rising is tied to composers, performers, scientists and teachers and is a very creative sign. He said it came down to one word: “Courage. You need to dump the conservative part of you that wants to be safe. Take risks.” He said the reason I wasn’t thriving is because I’m spending time doing things that my heart isn’t into. He said bluntly about my job “Make plans to dump it. Commit to exiting when it’s financially feasible.” He went on about commitment. “Commitment gets you everything. What are you committed to? Listen to the lyrics to ‘Crazy’ by Seal ‘In a world full of people only some want to fly. Isn’t that crazy?’” I always loved that song! He said, “This is about you flying now. You’re still young. Don’t waste it. Make it so. Make it happen. Sit with a piece of paper and list 1-5 the things you are passionate about that you intend to do. Let yourself dream. Wake up spiritually.”

He added that my chart included the “most fortunate aspects” that are about to unfold. He said the 2nd half of my life will be much better than the 1st.

About relationships, he said “Stop assuming you’re lucky to have anybody. They’re lucky to have you. Stop being angry. You came here selfish and you came here to fix that. You choose when the karma is over. You’re angry at your father. There was stress when you were conceived between your parents, and you didn’t feel safe coming in. Choose to be done with it. Say you’ve had enough and you’re not going to beat yourself up for what you don’t have. Figure out what you’re committed to in order to be happy. There’s a lot of strength in you. Release the constricting fear. You will end up with a guy who gives to you. The universe is telling you to be balanced. Don’t talk yourself out of what brings you joy.”

Philip’s final words came unexpectedly. He recommended the Tom Cruise movie The Last Samurai. Apparently there’s a quote in the film that applies to me: “There is life in every breath. Every one of your breaths count. Don’t waste it.” He added, “That needs to be tattooed on your arm.”

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4 thoughts on “A Different Karmic Perspective

  1. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Astrology can be an extremely accurate guideline by which to go by.
    And Phillip is an excellent astrologer !!!!
    Makes for a winning combination.
    Blessed Be…Gina Rose ext.9500

  2. The Lovely Duckling

    Thank you for sharing your story, Laura!
    You are not alone in marveling at Phillip’s way of getting straight to the heart of what’s going on in the universe. His insight, whether during a reading or on the blog, is truly amazing. I’ve only had one reading with him, but it was one of the best and most helpful readings I’ve had.
    Keep up the great work, Phillip!!! Your insight has made the greatest of difference in my life. I am certain you have done the same for so many others.
    Duckie 🙂

  3. Phillip# 9485

    To Heidi and Laura, First of all I thank you. Lol! If you two keep this up I won’t have to write any more blogs. Just kidding. There are NO mistakes. Only learning. I try to focus on the patterns. Once we see our patterns we are in a position to break them. Since we can not unlearn what our awareness brings to us, we will now recognize the pattern when it manifests again. Both of you are wide awake. I am honored to be of service to you both. Awareness comes in a burst of light. Manifesting the necessary changes occurs in small steps, but always with the ideal in sight. Be gentle on yourselves. there are many layers to be peeled away from the onion. But as I often say, one day you will wake up and there will be no onion. You are free. I am still shedding my own layers of illusion. We all are. We are after all human. My best regards sisters.

  4. Heidi Kentwood

    Releasing fear, appreciating life, and worrying leads to pandemonium – such sound advice though really difficult to follow. How often should someone get a follow-up reading to something like this? Heavy life lessons take small steps of progress.


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