Red Responds: Can She Support Her Entire Family?

Aradhika of Palm Coast writes:

I have a yoga business – not really a studio yet – and I am a real estate agent. I want these two businesses to take off, so my husband does not have to work anymore (he has a hard time with his emotional stress from the workplace transferring into our home life). Do you see me being able to support my entire family in the future? Thank you.

Dear Aradhika,

While I applaud your entrepreneurial spirit, I have to warn you that success, at the level of success you are seeking, will be slow in coming. You will be able to achieve your goals, but not as quickly as you are hoping. It is going to take roughly three years and a whole lot of work to get your yoga studio to the point you have envisioned.

Though the going may be slow, it will be worth the effort. It is your real estate ventures that will be instrumental in funding and building your yoga studio. You set high, but very achievable, goals. Your successes will take some of the current stress and pressure off of your home life, but the process will create a different level of stresses and issues within the family. There will be times where it will seem like a trade-off, but the end results will definitely justify the struggle.

Your husband, though a good man, would benefit greatly from counseling. Even though he does tend to have issues because of his work, that is only a part of what is really going on with him. Your husband doesn’t deal well with stress or pressure of any kind, and his communication skills aren’t the best, either. To put it simply, he isn’t a happy person.

This is deep within him, and it manifests as everything else. When you are in the position to support your family, this will help the home-life dynamic, but only for a while. Your husband’s issues, if not dealt with, will still be present. This is the root of the problem and needs to be looked at and dealt with in order to create and secure the happier life you wish to create.

Brightest Blessings,
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