Red Responds: They Are Both Reiki Masters

C. Greene in Lancaster writes:

At age 15, I met someone I believed was my enemy – a Leo (I’m an Aquarian). I betrayed him. At age 17, he and I finally spent time alone to talk and I realized that he actually was my soulmate. I was in love. But a series of events caused us to part. Nearly 11 years passed before we saw each other again. When we did, we finally expressed ourselves to each other mentally, spiritually and physically. Then, once again, circumstances came into play.

Later we both married others and had child(ren). Over the next seven years I contacted him once. He wanted to see me but I refused – I was only 92 lbs. During the course of my six-year marriage (which will be ending), I have heard his voice felt his touch and his presence ever enduring, even in the most violent/troublesome times, continuing to strengthen me.

How does one cope with another’s psychic/spiritual presence continuously in their life? The vibrations continue to grow stronger – we both are Reiki masters, my husband is not. Should I let him go? And if so, how? Or should I pursue this person for my life’s answers?

Dear C.,

Well, you definitely have a unique situation on your hands. One that is complicated by Karma, of course.

Soulmate connections already have a huge amount of power. And then, the two of you just have to go and enhance being able to feel that power by becoming Reiki masters! At least each of you understands that it’s all about energy.

First, all of the circumstances that have kept the two of you apart have to do with Karma. She sure knows how to play with timing. While her hand in things may have “complicated” the past, it is definitely not a barometer for the future. There is such a thing as “perfect timing,” and that lies ahead of you. Based on the here and now, it looks like it is approximately two years away.

Living with another’s psychic/spiritual presence isn’t much different than living with someone’s physical presence. You acknowledge and embrace it when you are in the mood, and you ignore it or shut it out when you need your space. Psychically, spiritually, or in the manifest world – just because someone is knocking on your door does not mean you have to let them in. As a Reiki master, you know how to manipulate energy. You can’t stop him from reaching out to you, but you can choose when you allow yourself to acknowledge it.

If you feel the best thing for you currently is to let him go, then do it. The how is little more complicated, being that you do have this connection with him and are quite sensitive to it. If this is really what you want, ask him to help you achieve this goal. If you request it, he will contain his outreach in the spiritual/psychic realm. This is a temporary fix, because any way I look at it, the two of you are going to cross paths again on the physical plane.

The time has come to practice what you preach. Help yourself in the same manner in which you help others. Your life’s answers aren’t in him – they are within you!

Brightest Blessings,
Ext. 9226

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