Red Responds: The Wrong Tall Guy With Hazel-ish Eyes

Leila in St. Catharine’s writes:

A psychic has told me that the man I will marry is tall and has hazel-ish eyes. The guy I am very much into (who is a lot like me), fits this description. However, our relationship is not going anywhere – he doesn’t call. He has three jobs and is very busy, so I figure it’s because of that. But I am still confused. I really want to be with him.

Dear Leila,

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the guy around you now is not the man you will marry. His hectic schedule is definitely a factor when it comes to this relationship, or the lack of it. He just isn’t in the right place in his life, or mindset, to be pursuing a heavy romance or marriage.

While I, too, see you with a tall man with hazel eyes, I don’t see him coming into your life for another three years. While that may seem like an eternity now, this time will pass rather quickly. When you meet your future husband, you will know. You will recognize the karmic connection. The relationship itself will go at a speed indicative of trying to recapture time that has been lost.

As for the current man, enjoy him when you are able, but don’t base your future on him. The idea of him is much better than the reality he has to offer.

Brightest Blessings,
Ext. 9226

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