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Everything happens for a reason! Nothing happens by means of chance or good luck. Injury, love, lost moments of true greatness and sheer stupidity all occur to test the limits of our soul, believes Kathi ext. 9495, who is a professional astrologer and spiritual counselor.

Natasha (not her real name), a 36-year-old real estate agent from Washington State, came to know this when she called, wanting to know if she should continue seeing a man 20 years her senior.

“Before each call I ask God to please bring me people that I can help,” explains Kathi. “I tuned in to this woman and felt that she was with a controlling person who was taking advantage of her insecurity. The two weren’t even compatible.” Natasha was an Aquarius with a Cancer moon and he was a Capricorn with a Scorpio moon. He was manipulative and she was too emotional. Basically, there was too much water between them.

Kathi also sensed that he was going to need someone to take close care of him in the near future. That would be okay if Natasha really loved him but she was with him out of convenience, explained Kathi. “I didn’t recommend that she stay in the relationship. The only reason she was with him was because he was teaching her the ropes about real estate.”

Natasha admitted Kathi was right. In her heart she wanted to be with someone for the right reasons.

As the reading progressed, one of Kathi’s many clients came to mind. She too was a real estate agent, except she lived in Oahu. “I felt that the two would get along especially because her moon connected with this woman’s sun. I told her that maybe they could help each other out.” She also got an image of Natasha working by the water, which would greatly suit her Scorpio moon.

As Natasha bid Kathi goodbye, she informed her that she was going to end things with this man and that she’d call again soon. In the meantime, Kathi promised she would check in with her other client to make sure she was cool with hooking them up.

A month later, Natasha called to inform Kathi that she had summoned the courage to leave her boyfriend. She ensured her that she doing the right thing. And then she gave Natasha the real estate agent’s number in Hawaii and said, “She’s expecting your call.'”

The two instantly hit it off. They spoke for three hours during their first call and uncovered many commonalities. They both agreed that they shared a deep spiritual connection and that they were meant to meet. It turned out that this woman had been thinking of expanding her business, she had been looking for the right person to hire for months. She wanted a passionate and reliable go-getter. She then asked Natasha if this was an opportunity that appealed to her. Natasha answered with a big resounding “Yes!”

“If she stayed where she was, her life would have been stagnant. She would have stopped growing. She would have become even more enmeshed with this man,” believes Kathi. “She would have been indebted to him and would have felt obliged to take care of him.”

Six months later Natasha had completely turned her life around. She was independent and living in a lush neighborhood by the ocean, which healed her soul everyday. She was content and it was all because of that one call that she had made. Kathi had truly helped her get her life back on track. Everything does happen for a reason! A spontaneous call to a psychic had led her to forge a special friendship and a beneficial business deal that turned her life around.

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