Red Responds: Still Mourning After 26 Years

Valeria in Richmond Hill writes:

My husband of 26 years passed over years ago and I still can’t deal with the loss very well. I know friends tell me I will be with him again but I need him with me now!! Will I ever bear up over this or will I just die of my broken heart?

Dear Valeria,

Some losses are far too great to ever “get over” them. The best anyone can do is simply learn to live with the pain.

While it’s hard to face each day not being able to touch the one you love, hear his voice, smell his scent – he is with you. Love never dies. It outlasts the vehicle that once allowed it to manifest, but the essence of love itself is infinite.

Your husband’s physical being may be gone, but his spirit does come back to check on you. Take comfort in knowing that along with always being in your heart, he is rarely very far from your side; even if you can’t see him.

Your friends are correct, you will be with your husband again but not now. It is not your time and there is much life left ahead of you.

Just as there is life after love, there is also love after life. When two souls are truly joined, the transcendence of dimensions does not keep them apart. The love that you shared with your husband still burns vibrant and bright. Honor that in a way your husband is no longer able to by embracing life and all it has to offer you.

You are very fortunate to have some good and well-meaning friends, but they aren’t capable of helping you to cope with the pain. I really would like to see you in a support group with a qualified therapist. It’s not going to erase your pain, but it will bring you comfort and help you learn how to carry the burden.

Brightest Blessings,
Ext. 9226

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