Psychic Answers: Making Money

The skill of making money is just one of the paths that can lead to living out our life’s purpose – by helping ourselves, our families and sharing with those in need. Whether you are dealing with debt, struggling with the higher cost of living, or hoping that career advancement will make your life financially abundant, “the rules of attraction,” are a positive way to manifest financial success. Master tarot reader, numerologist and gifted intuitive, Shauna (ext. 9010) is a goldmine of information on how to master the process of attracting abundance.

Here’s what she said:

In his book Creating Affluence, Deepak Chopra says the source of all abundance begins with your thoughts (just like The Secret!). They are like magnets that will attract to you what you think of, what you focus on, speak of and act on.

Picture yourself with money in the bank, celebrating a financial windfall and being successful. Generate excitement about having what you want. Think of it frequently with intensity, then be willing to detach and let it come in whatever way is best. Make up your mind that having what you want is important and you are willing to put a certain amount of thought and energy into getting it.

There is great power in repeating the thought of something you want over and over. Affirmations are an efficient tool to help you vibrate success, happiness and abundance. Repeat them daily until you actually believe them. Think of it like this, your word is your wand.


I am healthy, wealthy and wise.

I allow myself to think and dream in unlimited ways.

I am blessed with good luck and good fortune.

I am an irresistible magnet for money.

I live in an abundant universe. I always have whatever I need.

I have magical work in a magical way, I give magical service for
magical pay.

I now release the gold mine within me, I am linked with an endless
golden stream of prosperity which comes to me in perfect ways.

I give thanks for my whirlwind success.


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