Red Responds: Is He Really Interested?

Rashmi P. in London asks:

I met a guy nearly eighteen months ago. He took a liking to me immediately. I liked him, but was not in a place to be starting a relationship. We met for one date and then cooled things. He has wanted to stay in touch and I have been flattered. He is back on the scene again in a stronger way, but I get a sense that he is cautious, and sometimes I get that he’s blowing hot and cold. Is he really interested in me, and can things work out between us, or is this just a casual thing for him? We haven’t dated recently, and we have been talking and messaging off and on. I feel that I’d like to see if it can work out between us. Any insights would be really interesting. Thank you.

Red Responds:

Dear Rashmi,

This fellow definitely has a higher level of interest in you, but he is also trying to be quite careful. Even though you were kind when you previously explained that you weren’t ready for a relationship, he still hasn’t forgotten the rejection.

Because of your history and respective personalities, do not expect this friendship to develop quickly into something more romantic. Continue to maintain contact with him, and when possible, do what you can to offer subtle reassurance to him that you are open to knowing him better. In time, he will settle into being consistently warm, and will again ask to explore a deeper relationship with you.

There is potential for this relationship to evolve into something a bit more serious, but I am not seeing any movement or talks toward becoming an exclusive item until late spring of next year, at the soonest.

I’m afraid that the final outcome for you and your friend has yet to be revealed to me. This does not mean that things can’t fall into place for a happy and secure future, it just means that each of your actions and decisions in the future will have a lot to do with influencing the depth and duration of this relationship.

So, while he is interested, and there is potential for things to come together, this relationship is going to require a bit of patience and effort from both of you before the more distant future becomes clear.

I really wish I could tell you more…

Brightest Blessings,

Psychic Red ext. 9226

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