Is My House Haunted?

Nancy D.
 in Indianapolis, Indiana writes:

Dear Tansy,

I’ve talked to you before and you seem like a really practical person, which is what I need right now. I never believed in spirits and ghosts, but I’m really starting to wonder if there is one in my house.

I just inherited a house from my great-aunt. It’s nice, and my husband and my two kids really like it. We have a fenced backyard, which is nice for the cat and dog. But the problem is, when we get up in the morning, sometimes the furniture has been shifted around just a bit in the living room! What’s funny is that our cat goes into the living room, but the dog acts afraid to. The house is colder in the main hallway, which is really strange. This is even in the summertime.

Can you see that there is anything we can do about all of this? It’s not really a big problem, and we have kind of gotten used to it. Still, it’s spooky. Is there anything you can tell us?

Tansy Ext. 5289 Replies:

Dear Nancy,

This is one of the more unusual questions that I have gotten, as you might know! But I think I can help you out here.

Your great-aunt’s spirit is still in her house, and while she left it to you in her will, she is still arranging the furniture back to where she wants it! If it’s not a big problem for you, you should probably just leave it where she moves it, as that’s where she thinks it should be. Moving your furniture back every morning is exhausting. If you remember, in her earthly life she had a certain place for everything, and I think you will find that she still favors that placement.

As for the cold spot in the hallway, that’s just a fairly typical sign of a spirit being in your home. Not much you can do about that, as far as I know.

You say that the cat goes into the living room, but your dog will not. The answer I see to that is simple – your great-aunt liked cats, but did not want dogs in her parlor! She felt they belonged outdoors, and particularly not where she had her nice furniture.

I hope that this explanation helps you somewhat. When your great-aunt decides to leave, she will do so. In the meantime, I hope that you will not find it too troublesome to make these adjustments.

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5 thoughts on “Is My House Haunted?

  1. Nena

    Robin: That has happened to a few people I know. That happened to my grandmother when my father died, but that was on a landline. I’m sure if they really need to get in touch with us for something, they’ll do just about anything to make that happen.

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